How can I keep squirrels from chewing on my wood siding and getting in

They chewed through the wood and then through sheet rock into a closet

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  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Oct 28, 2017
    When you replace the wood, try putting some kind of metal screen material between the sheet rock and the wood, they may not be able to get through that if the mesh is not big enough for them to get through.
  • Nivasi Frankly-Speaks Nivasi Frankly-Speaks on Oct 28, 2017
    still wool is your friend. mice don't like it either
  • FL FL on Oct 28, 2017
    This site is written by wildlife animal pest removal experts:
  • Paulinethomsen Paulinethomsen on Oct 28, 2017
    Be sure to cut tree branches far away from the house if there are any. We had the same problem. Also caulk and repaint cracks in the wood to prevent them from breaking /chewing the siding.
  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Oct 29, 2017
    try spraying with cinegar to keep them away- good luck ;)
  • War15939090 War15939090 on Oct 29, 2017
    The easiest way is trap and re-locate to a park or somewhere else, # 2 find out what is attracting the squirrels and remove (as in nuts or whatever lying around) #3 trees close to your house check for hollow spots and fill in with concrete where you can do so safely.
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