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Black or white?

Hello, I'm replacing the windows on the front of my house with some nicer ones...I'm in love with black window panes and the shutters will be black as well...but what about the window boxes? I think black would work on a bigger house, but on my small house I think I need to go with white...any thoughts?

These are the windows that will be replaced.
Black shutters and window panes/frames will be added.
White or black window boxes?

This unfortunately is not my house, lol...just wanted to give an idea of the black windows.

  • Ann
    on Dec 6, 2017

    I think I'd go with black.

  • Naomie Moore aka baileyanddaisey
    Naomie Moore aka baileyanddaisey Castaic, CA
    on Dec 6, 2017

    I like the black!

  • Peg
    Peg Prospect, TN
    on Dec 6, 2017

    Black would be my choice.

  • Janet Panos
    Janet Panos Alsip, IL
    on Dec 6, 2017

    Black window boxes would look great!

  • Linda Sikut
    Linda Sikut Hamburg, NY
    on Dec 6, 2017

    I'm with the others. If you want black, go ahead and paint them black. I think that they would show up better against the house and the flowers would add some color to take away the starkness of the black & white house. If you painted them white, they would probably be whiter than the house and would stick out like crazy, making your house look dirty. I say go with what you want but my vote is for the black. :) Wishing you the best.

  • Simple Decorating Tips
    Simple Decorating Tips New Richmond, WI
    on Dec 6, 2017

    It is a tough decision... but I'd for sure vote for black too! In fact I just went through that on the house we're renovating. It totally lacked character and had everything asymmetrical. Some windows needed replacing, some were staying. Here's the post I wrote about our dilemma and what I decided to do: http://simpledecoratingtips.com/2017/11/27/door-window-decisions/

    • Simple Decorating Tips
      Simple Decorating Tips New Richmond, WI
      on Dec 7, 2017

      LOL... I've lived in the Midwest my whole life and do crave a warm sun ray on my back come February... but for the most part, I love the seasonal changes and white winters... I think the pressure of 'winter coming' makes us get more done outside. We don't have the liberty to say we'll do it next week. ;)

  • Fiddledd224
    Fiddledd224 Sewell, NJ
    on Dec 6, 2017

    You definitely don't want white because you won't have any contrast. Why not shake things up and go with something bright like red or burnt orange or even aqua? The usual mixture of colors for the greatest impact (interiors and exteriors) is Main color (your house) = 60%, Secondary color (shutters) = 30%, Accent color (window boxes) = 10%.....a third color on your house would look awesome!

    • Jeannette
      Jeannette San Juan Capistrano, CA
      on Dec 6, 2017

      I'm planning on the flowers adding the contrast...it looks good in my head anyway😉
      I have a homeowners association that tends to pick lame colors...they added white to the palate this time around finally!

  • Joanie229
    Joanie229 Phoenix, AZ
    on Dec 6, 2017

    If you are not afraid to do a color go for it. It will make the house pop, or go for black not white.
    love to see a picture when it’s done.

  • Jeannette
    Jeannette San Juan Capistrano, CA
    on Dec 6, 2017

    Thank You! Maybe knowing others know about this project that's been stewing in my brain for way too long will light a fire under me!

  • Jeannette
    Jeannette San Juan Capistrano, CA
    on Dec 6, 2017

    Thank you all for your input! It's so nice to get other opinions...I'm not good with decisions 🤔

    Looks like black is unanimous! Thank you!

  • Liv
    Liv Urbandale, IA
    4 hours ago


  • Barb Adams
    Barb Adams Hereford, AZ
    An hour ago

    I think the black would be fab!

  • Teacup8885
    30 minutes ago

    Maybe a gray color just to add depth n dimenension!?

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