Asked on Jan 30, 2018

Can I put the wood like peel and stick over old vinyl flooring?

Andrea Krom-SmithNew14657406Jan Clark


Ive tried everything to get them clean but nothing works. Can I use the peel and stick wood floor over this or will it not be smooth over those scratches?
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  • Janet Pizaro
    Janet Pizaro
    on Jan 30, 2018

    yes, as long as the floor is even and not cracked
  • Debbie
    on Jan 31, 2018

    I have used peel and stick over old bathroom vinyl several times, and have had zero problems. If it's got deep grooves you can use a leveling compound on it first.
  • Carol
    on Jan 31, 2018

    Yes you can put peel and stick over your floor and you also can use it on window sills. It looks great! Good luck!
  • Jan Clark
    Jan Clark
    on Jan 31, 2018

    Absolutely! Make sure you follow the directions on the package. Your floor has to be clean in order for the adhesive to stick properly. I love peal and stick because you can trim it with heavy-duty scissors or a box knife!
  • New14657406
    on Jan 31, 2018

    Sure you can🤔 ,I wipe mine down with Bar Keepers Freind. I've even stuck them
    On a bathroom wall. Still in place and easy to clean.
  • Andrea Krom-Smith
    Andrea Krom-Smith
    on Jan 31, 2018

    Yes you can but be sure that you purchase a good quality flooring or you will have to keep it waxed in high traffic areas or the surface will scrub off and leave you with white patches in these areas. Wish somebody had told me about this before I did 3 rooms with it
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