Cheap storage for clothes

I have a very tiny clothes closet and want a way to add storage without adding more shelves.

q cheap storage for clothes
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  • Alice Alice on Feb 21, 2018
    I'm confused. The picture looks like a refrigerator.
  • Rhonda Brooks Rhonda Brooks on Feb 21, 2018
    A closet or refrigerator?
  • Janet Janet on Feb 21, 2018
    A closet try bins . But that is apparently not a closet posted ?
  • Robyn Garner Robyn Garner on Feb 21, 2018
    How about making some kewl rods from metal plumbing pieces to add hanging space on the wall?
  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Feb 22, 2018
    How about some floating shelves?
  • Puf31413395 Puf31413395 on Feb 22, 2018
    why picture of a refrigerator
  • Jessie Jessie on Feb 22, 2018
    Don't put them in the fridge?!!  Maybe some stand alone racks would help?
  • The unplugged refrigerator IS what she's using for storage
  • Mogie Mogie on Feb 24, 2018
    If you need more storage get the fridge out of there. Consider a low dresser or night stand to be placed below the hanging rod in the closet. Over the door storage for shoes would free up some room too.
  • Catherine Deirdre Rodden Catherine Deirdre Rodden on Mar 01, 2018
    I recommend using Space Bags for the clothes that are not in season. Those can be stacked up high or down low - or even somewhere else. That should free up room without adding shelves
  • Emily Emily on Mar 01, 2018
    Oh, a refrigerator that does not have its shelves is potentially a very dangerous situation (child could climb in and shut door) That should definitely be removed or at least door removed.
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