Asked on Mar 6, 2018

What to do with a fireplace in the corner of a room?



I have fireplace in the family room that is on one side of the wall in the corner and the rest of the wall is empty what can I do to make it look better I am trying to paint my family room I want to update it really don't want to do any built-ins anybody have any ideas I would appreciate it
q what to do with a fireplace in the corner of a room
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  • Shoshana
    on Mar 6, 2018

    I think painting it white and adding a mantel would greatly improve the look-
  • Kay Marshall
    on Mar 6, 2018

    If it was me, I would paint the fireplace the same color as the wall only with satin, offset some tall decorative shelves to the left corner there with some greenery and neat accessories or a large plant in a decorative LARGE planter. Maybe a tall rubber tree or chiffilera [not spelled right] depending on lighting. You need something to pertrude from the corner to balance out with the fireplace. A large painting over the fireplace, maybe a watercolor and some votives to reflect the colors in the painting across the mantle would be great . Avoid getting too busy. Keep it clean and airy. Good luck!!!
    • Ellie
      on Mar 6, 2018

      How about staining the shelf mantle and I agree painting the fireplace (cream) except for the trim around opening of fireplace. could you put chair in corner with 72 inch torchiere lamp in corner or some colorful floor pillows with some magazines? Possibly on right side of fireplace a plant, fake or real or with some tall candle holders on right perhaps in turquoise (on hearth). Your walls look like a blush, that is the reason I'm suggesting turquoise.
      I agree a plant (snake plant) to left of fireplace in pot that will go along with pics above mantle or you could have a tall mirror over center of fireplace, could be leaning, with tall candles to right.and some thing shorter to left on mantle or wall. Pics on walls to right and left of torchiere lamp either in acrylic or watercolors. But, don't use the tall candles on hearth and mantle. Trying to give the room a little romance, love the arched opening of fireplace!
      Attempting to draw eyes up, giving the room height.
      Don't know what your windows look like or if you have kids and dogs or cats. Put your drapery rod, something nice about 3 inches from ceiling. Not knowing the size of your window(s), have your rods about 4 inches away from the frames on the sides, that way if you draw them back, your room will have alot of natural light. Puddling curtains on floor is in style. Your room looks to have eight foot ceilings, you could go with 96 inch and puddle them. I used sheers from BB & B. My husband thought it was , won't say, but after compliments he like the look now, in fact he takes credit for the look and I don't care cause he did most of the work.
      I buy things, keep the receipt and move things around, play with it.
      Then take back what you don't want.
      In one house we had, when we moved in, my hubby moved piano and I helped, five times. We slid it around using carpet, killed my back but no scratches on floor. Got rid of piano :( before we moved last year. Good luck!

  • Geew
    on Mar 6, 2018

    If you use the fireplace, I would suggest rearranging your furniture to make the fireplace a focal point. Painting it a lighter color will also enhance the visual size of your room. Remove any furniture/clutter you don't use.
  • Delle
    on Mar 7, 2018

    Well... this could require some heavy thinking. Since there it is, big and startling, and it isn't going away, why not experiment with playing it up? Before doing anything drastic like painting it, move your existing furniture around in a way that accents the fireplace, like a cozy "place by the fire" corner, possibly grouping two or three chairs at an angle or semi-circle, facing the fireplace instead of into the room. (I'd try three stuffed chairs around a round coffee table, for instance.) You might want to make such "islands" for other roles the room has. For the fireplace, another thing you could do is to dramatize its placement. Look for decor items that reach almost to the ceiling close to the corner of the room, with other pieces lowering in height to the other corner. Don't match up objects by size or shape. For example, pair a large painting on one side with a small clock. A showy mantle could really help.

    And looking at your overall style, I'd suggest a paint job for the fireplace in chalk paint that distresses the brick, possibly ivory distressed with a few shades of brown or with a touch of brownish gray.
  • Delle
    on Mar 7, 2018

    I just came across this room make-over with a corner fireplace. An excellent way to highlight it yet make it fit in.
  • Brigid
    on Mar 7, 2018

    I don't know if you like to entertain a lot but maybe try a bar cart with an array of mirrors and art work above it. I love the rustic look so I would find something with the Rustic wood and metal look and accent the walls with industrial wall sconces along with a mirror and art the goes with it. I would also paint the fireplace. A dove white is always nice or just a white wash. If your a bold and daring kind of person like me paint the wall to be an accent wall. Pick something you like but not to "safe" of a color. If your really feeling bold paint the fireplace Black for a urban rustic look. I have bookcases on ether side of my fireplace and I painted the backs a deep orange and the brick of my fireplace. Also paint the inside of the fireplace with black heat resisted paint to add depth to the inside.
    • Lks17761761
      on Mar 9, 2018

      Thank you you gave me several options to think about I really have been thinking about painting my fireplace but just didn't know if I should thank you
  • Jane
    on Mar 9, 2018

    I like the bar cart idea and i would white wash that fireplace. It's easy and you can still see a tad of the brick coming through.
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