How to change/replace a home electrical switch/plug or light fixture?

I have an old plug that needs upgrade but I have no clue what wires go where.

Same thing in regards to the ceiling light fixture.

thank you

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  • Khrissy Stewart Khrissy Stewart on Apr 09, 2018
    If you are replacing..before taking old one down marks all wires with different colored tape. Like green goes to green, red goes to red..your ground wire, mark it.. it's pretty simple if you do same thing when taking apart as well as installing it. Good can do it.. :)
  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Apr 09, 2018
    Hi Hilda,
    Below is a video that shows how to replace a plug, however if you are AT ALL unsure of what you're doing, it's best to call a professional. Electricity is dangerous and if you're not sure, you could cause problems that will cost a lot more to fix. Having said that, here's the video. After you watch it, decide if you still have no clue. If so, please call an electrician. Wishing you the best.
  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Apr 09, 2018
    It sounds like you have never worked with electrical before. I would have a friend or someone who knows what they are doing help you with the project so that you get familiar with doing it the right way and a safe way. I am lucky, my hubby knows how to do everything if things need to be replaces.
  • DesertRose DesertRose on Apr 09, 2018
    Electricity is not something with which to experiment and try your hand at dabbling in a new project. You should hire an electrician that is certified, or perhaps if you have such a neighbor you could barter to do some kind of work for him sometime if he will help you with your switch and light fixture. Neighbors often help each other and build a stronger community by bartering with tasks each are qualified to do. Just be sure who ever you bring in to do it is certainly qualified.
  • Alice Alice on Apr 09, 2018
    maybe this video will help...
  • Barb Adams Barb Adams on Apr 09, 2018
    Unless you can educate yourself sufficiently (borrow a library book and watch videos) that you feel you will be successful in attempting electrical wiring, it is best that you hire an electrician or at least ask a knowledgeable friend to help you the first time you attempt it. Most important thing to remember is to turn off the breaker at the box before you begin.
    • Hilda Hilda on Apr 10, 2018
      Thank you and yes, I will have someone else do it for me and will try to learn from them
  • Walter Bercarich Walter Bercarich on Apr 09, 2018
    If you have no clue, don't do it. Go on Youtube and you'll get all your answers.
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