Asked on Apr 14, 2018

Pallet couch question



I have an outdoor pallet couch that I stained 2 years ago but this past year when I went to take it apart put it in the shed for the winter it seems as though bugs have been eating it or something any ideas as to how I can make my couch because I do put it away every winter not fall apart with the bugs and the elements... I put a lot of work into staining and trying to keep the wood is good as I can in the winter time but I'm looking for some ideas to keep the bugs away
q pallet couch
This is some bug damage also
q pallet couch
This is what it looks like in its prime
q pallet couch
This is some of the bug damage
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  • Sounds like you might have termites! Get an inspection asap just to make sure.

  • Nancy Turner
    on Apr 14, 2018

    If this happened while in storage, it could also be done by rodents chewing on the wood. I would have the property checked for termites and also check the area for remains of bugs and rodent droppings or nests to try to identify what is causing the damage.

  • Sharon
    on Apr 14, 2018

    That looks like rodent damage to me. Might want to spray the thing down with mint..... I would get a can of Victor's Ant and Roach spray which is mint and do the whole thing. You could also put mint and water in a spray bottle and let it sit till its nice and potent, then spray. Oh I see, its a dog couch.

  • Bijous
    on Apr 14, 2018

    How cute! Could it be one of the pups got bored and decided to use it as a teething bench? If the dogs are out all day, but in at night, it may be mice. If the dogs go in and out during the day, it might be squirrels. Either way, spray the bench a rodent repellent. You can patch up the place with outdoor spackling. Then repaint. Good luck.

  • Le'
    on Apr 14, 2018

    Here in Texas all wood furniture used outdoors much be treated lumber. You could also get termites.

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