Any different advice for de-cluttering & then cleaning?

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  • GrandmasHouseDIY GrandmasHouseDIY on May 22, 2018
    The trick to keeping things decluttered is constant maintenance. If you get a pair of scissors to use then the minute you are done using them you need to put them away. Once a week I hit every surface in my house and JUST PUT THINGS AWAY. If there is something that doesn't have a spot to go then I make a home for it to always go back to.
  • Shay Johnson Shay Johnson on May 22, 2018
    Whatever you're doing when you can spare 5 mins. Get up and do something around the house. This is mainly something that helps those who are not able to manage an hour at a time or more. I have to say I am not able to live in any way with clutter. I am severely suffering from pain. 5 mins are all I have at times.
    Before you sleep go to make sure the kitchen sink is cleaned. Practice makes perfect. Start slow and it will become a habit. Empty all you trash cans the same day. Not including the kitchen. It should be out when full. No wet food in the trash. it goes out in a little bag the same day.

    Buy alcohol fill a spray bottle label it. Leave it by the toilet practice washing the toilets a few times a week. I was each time I have a guest and after bowels movements. I know that is about much. I have my reasons. I have no shoe policy so the floors are mopped once a week by my aide and when I I want to.
    I have two bathrooms so one has the access to the laundry. One shower I don't use to shower in. I toss items that need washing that following day in the tub. Shut the curtain and that stuff washes in the am. I don't have a typical washer and dryer. No I am not washing by hand. lol

    If you have others in the home it's a must even adults. Wash your dishes some people feel the need to do it all. No way anyone able to make a mess can learn to clean a mess. small kids can do their share. I sand barneys song. clean up..clean up and you get the rest. good luck.

    I am disabled and I am sorry but, I have close friends like everyone else. except my friends are close enough to me where they can wash their own dishes. And a few of them clean the toilet as well after use. Safety makes them have a comfortable place to spend time.
  • Jcraw Jcraw on May 22, 2018
    If you’ve some plastic tubs, mark them Keep, Donate, Holiday, Gift, Donate (yes, that’s twice), and a trash can for the obvious.
    Make believe you’re moving. It can cost At Least $1 per pound to move according to the web. Many books weigh a pound. Boots? A pile of old ragged T-shirt’s?
    What do you want to pay for? There are lots of folks out there who would appreciate what you have two or three of.
    Google “best home organizing” and you’ll see Blogs, tools, Video, etc, etc. Grab a notebook and take notes.
    Good luck
  • Teacup8885 Teacup8885 on May 22, 2018
    Start with 1 wall each day! Pull everything away, vacuum sweep mop clean wall put back what your keeping!
    • JackieO./3 JackieO./3 on Jun 29, 2018
      I have been donating clothes to church... my goal... getting thru my bedroom with falling over something thx teacup8885
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