How to make your own patio cover for a novice and on a budget


We have a blank concrete slab patio and can’t afford a professional to build a patio cover.

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  • How about a sail patio cover, April? They work great and are inexpensive. You could use that until you save up for a more permanent solution.

  • Deb Deb on Jul 20, 2018
    Buy a square Gazebo and put it on patio. I had one that had the screens that zipped up the sides and it made a nice area.. We had our patio chairs and small tables in it, put in some little lights on the roof and it was just like a little room..
  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on Jul 20, 2018

    Hi April, Start with a good power wash, then measure your patio. Home Depot has many colors and textures, take your measurements there and you'll know how much paint you'll need. Next, look in to a roller awning, I've seen them on TV, but their expensive. See what Home Depot has, and I'm sure you'll find something. Roll this on by taking a handle from a broom, unscrew the brush, now screw the handle into the roller. You might need a primer, and paint that is made for out door. I'd give it two coats.

  • Deb Deb on Jul 20, 2018
    They sell them at Lowe's and home depot..
  • Deb Deb on Jul 20, 2018
    Be sure to weigh it down. We put paver blocks on each corner so it wouldn't blow away.
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