How to keep my kitchen clean as I cook?


i cook for large groups. How do I organize myself to clean my kitchen as I cook?

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  • DesertRose DesertRose on Aug 15, 2018

    My mother taught us a good cook should clean as she/he cooks. She always started with a sink full of warm soapy water so a cleaning rag could be easily dipped and spills/splashes wiped immediately. Then she would also set used cooking dishes in the soapy water to soak as she was done with them. She had us put things back in their rightful place as we were done like seasonings, ingredients, etc. Then if she was waiting on something to be done before proceeding, she started cleaning the dishes in the sink, putting things away etc. I hope this gives you some ideas to help you be more organized in your kitchen as you cook.

    • Mjd33720530 Mjd33720530 on Aug 17, 2018

      Keeping warm soapy water in the sink & constantly refreshing it, is a great idea.-also numerous dish rags as well as sponges. I do use many old ripped linen table cloths as dish rags. Thanks

  • Laura Laura on Aug 15, 2018

    I always put away everything I am finished with as I go. I wipe up the spills on the stove so they don't harden. I have clean soapy sponges ready. I organize what I need beforehand. I let the pots I am finished with soak and then clean them right away. I know it's a lot harder when you are cooking for a large group.

    • Mjd33720530 Mjd33720530 on Aug 17, 2018

      I love gas stoves but have a glass one which is not my favorite - to cook on or to keep clean. I do have a notebook with Cleaning Techniques as well as several 3- ring binders with my recipes.


  • Ditto to all previous responses. This is a learned skill if you did not grow up this way. Mise en place. Invest in sheet pans. Organize all your ingredients and tools on the sheet pans. Get your sous chef or dishwasher to help clean as you go. I live by this theory otherwise everything would be utter chaos, and I must admit, I must be OCD to a certain extent, I can't stand messy, unclean disorganized places.

    • Mjd33720530 Mjd33720530 on Aug 17, 2018

      Thank you, I do all you suggested. And I do have sous chefs who are excellent cleaners but can not always afford to include them in my clients’ budgets.

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Aug 16, 2018

    When I’m having a group and I know ahead of time, I start at least the day before. Anything I can get done the day before, I do it. I use a crockpot for normal soups and stews, but also for certain desserts and main dishes. I can boil eggs, prepare salad, set the tables or the buffet. My kitchen island is both prep station and buffet, but I divide mine in half mentally and only prep on one side. On that side, I have several cutting boards out so I can chop fresh clean veggies on one, with a lined coffee can for scraps I won’t use. (Broken disposal.) If I am slicing raw meat, I do that next to the sink. Chicken gets a different cutting board than red meats. If I’m using canned foods, I put all the cans I will need for the meal in one place, with two can openers ready and a damp paper towel or two to wipe off the lids and catch spills. And I bring the pan to the cans so there is less mess. I have the kitchen scissors ready to open frozen bags, and the kitchen shears next to the sink for cutting bits off chicken. So, I have all these prep and cooking stations ready with the pans, tools, and other needed things, and use lots of old dishcloths and paper towels to catch spills before they become a problem.

    One other note: we have up to 15 people every Sunday for a big lunch. Once everyone gets in from church, about half of us clean up the kitchen, do last minute steps like cooking the rolls and fixing ice tea glasses, and setting food on the buffet. The other half is getting the children into play clothes, feeding the baby, setting up the kids’ table, playing with the kids until the the food is hot and ready—and picking out which game would be on tv when our dinner and Bible Study is over. In our case, it takes a Small Group to have lunch!

    i hope you get some good tips for your cooking and entertainment. Having company makes our house happy. ☺️

  • Mjd33720530 Mjd33720530 on Aug 17, 2018

    Good reply for set-up. Any good cook needs to do what you suggested.

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