How can I mask dog feces smell outdoors with plants?


My neighbor has dogs kept in a pen all year long and the smell of their feces trickles into my yard every time the wind blows- at times it’s quite overwhelming- are there any outside plants I can use to maybe mask the smell? I was thinking mint and lemongrass May work but I need the strongest possible outdoor plant to try and break up some of that smell.

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  • Karen Ardillo Karen Ardillo on Oct 08, 2018

    Oh yes, I had a similar situation. I put dryer sheets all around, under my shrubs, under my porch furniture cushions, inside hanging flower pots minus the flowers! I even wove it into the back of wicker furniture. It wont cure the problem but will hinder it!

  • So sorry to hear that. I would be on the phone to the local authorities as that just can't be healthy for the poor dogs. If your climate allows, try jasmine. Rosemary will work and pretty hardy for many climates.

  • Lucy Marie Bernier Lucy Marie Bernier on Oct 08, 2018

    Call Ur local Codes office to complain about the smell !

  • Kelli L. Milligan Kelli L. Milligan on Oct 08, 2018

    Can't you turn in the neighbor for not cleaning the pens?

    • Amber Amber on Oct 08, 2018

      I’m not sure that’s a thing or law where I live- they are probably hunting dogs and just kept outside - they have a dog house for shelter and a large pen.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Oct 08, 2018

    Speak to your neighbor about the problem. There are spray cleaners that break down the waste that is in the pen to fight the odor. If they don't do anything about it, speak to the city about who to talk to about the problem. There may be something in the cities laws about the problem and they may speak to them about them keeping the pen area clean and odor free or get a ticket they have to pay, or even make them take down the pen altogether if they don't stay compliant. There could be health issues along with the odor problem.