How do I fix this leak?


The shower in my rental apartment doesn't hold all the water inside because of that small gap in it's frame (see pic) how do I fix it? And how can I clean it so the fix looks good and lasts?

q how do i fix this leak
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  • JAMES A ROLLI JAMES A ROLLI on Oct 16, 2018

    You can use clear silcone that should hold it in place . good luck in doing it but make sure you use not your finger to smooth it around use a piece of potato it works just like you finger but better then throw potato away no mess

  • on Oct 16, 2018

    Echoing what is already said here, but make sure you clean and dry the tile completely where you will apply the silicon. I've also seen hardware stores selling adhesive, triangle-shaped leak blockers to go in the corner around bathtubs. Might work in this application too.

  • Linda Linda on Oct 16, 2018

    Try purchasing a piece of metal similar in size and glue it into place.

  • Abel Baker Abel Baker on Oct 16, 2018

    Get a piece of angled metal about the same height, but cut to the full needed length, and caulk it to the inside of the current metal strip and the floor of the shower. Press firmly, making sure that both sides of angled metal are completely covered in caulk. Remove any that is squeezed out. Swish a curve of silicone the same height as the metal angle to make a corner where the new metal meets the sides of the shower. Be generous, but smooth it out to make it look tidy. The open part of the angle should face into the shower. Make sure it is aluminum so that it doesn't rust. Let cure for 24 hours.

    Here is a link to what I am talking about:

    And, below is picture to show what I am talking about.

    Best wishes.

  • Abel Baker Abel Baker on Oct 16, 2018

    P.S. Use SOS (steel wool soap pad) to clean the metal, and use good ol' soap and water with a stiff scrub brush to clean the tile and grout. The owners really need to repair the grouting. It's deteriorating. If you think you are up to it, buy a small amount in the current color and give it a try according directions on the container. It can't turn out any worse than it looks now. I bet it'll look a lot better! But do it after the leak fix, and after everything is cured and dry. Just do where the grout is low compared to other areas.


  • Abel Baker Abel Baker on Oct 16, 2018

    Sorry, one more thing. Do your cleaning BEFORE you do the leak fix or grouting. Be sure to rinse the soap off completely and let dry completely before proceeding with fix/grouting. Cleaning the area will make the caulk and grout adhere better...much better.