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Asked on Dec 15, 2018

How should I organised a long narrow household supply cupboard?

CindyEverything PrettyRose Broadway


I have a cupboard divided into a washer- below- and -dryer- above area , and then a deep storage area which is about 60 cm/2 feet wide only. There is a back wall (60cm/2 ft wide) and only one side wall.The other side would be mostly the W/D.The W/D is therefore not as deep.I need to put into this area dirty laundry containers(2-3) and place for a plastic basket of clean not yet folded laundry. Also a full size upright vacuum cleaner. Also box of detergent and various other cleaning supplies.Also a broom or two, dustpan on a stick,I am short. OK My older kids (never home) and my husband are all tall, but lower is better than higher for me.Any suggestions would be appreciated.Thank you.RosR for Fifi

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