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Designing and Conceptualizing Our New Kitchen

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In two months, we will prepare to leave our little cottage and move in with my in-laws to begin the 11-month project of renovating a family property nearby and turning it into our forever home. We are excited (and more than a little overwhelmed) at the prospect. One of the things I'm most enthusiastic about is transforming the original kitchen!

This home was built in 1997, so it's not incredibly old. Yet, as many designs from that era follow, the kitchen is relatively narrow and not suitable for the needs of our big family. Here are some ideas we have in mind as we seek to transform it into the open-concept, eat-in kitchen of our dreams.

designing and conceptualizing our new kitchen

First, I wanted to lead with a picture of precisely why we need a big kitchen. Put simply, we have a big family! This picture was taken last year, when our furry Bichon, Pablo, turned 15! We had just a few of our closest family members and friends over and it still felt as though the kitchen could use a little more square footage.

The new kitchen is actually segmented into three parts. There is the more formal dining room, which houses an oversized maple table, then the actual kitchen, which is nothing more than an angled counter with a sink, pushed up near a small row of cabinets at the top. Then, off to the left, there is a tiny eating nook where another cafe table could go.

Our plan is to combine all of these spaces into one open-concept, free-flowing kitchen. We don't have a need for a separate dining room, as we rarely eat anywhere besides the kitchen counter as it is. There is so much space to use that I want to make sure everything flows. We also plan to position the kitchen island in direct view of the living room television so we can chop veggies and watch the game at the same time! Small considerations such as these are defining our process as we take on our second major remodel. We want every decision to be deliberate and every design to be intentional.

designing and conceptualizing our new kitchen

Next, this is a picture of our antique farmhouse sink that is currently installed in our home. This was my husband's great-great grandfather's sink and it has been with us since our newlywed days. When we first moved into our little cottage, we envisioned it would be our forever home. So, we installed it permanently in this spot. We won't be able to take it with us, which pains me greatly, as it's been such a workhorse and such a beauty.

We had it re-glazed before we installed it, so it's shiny and looks good as new! The new owners sure are lucky to have such a fixture. Yet, as we prepare to create a new space for ourselves, I'm using this sink as the inspiration that will anchor the whole look. I adore the modern farmhouse trend but want it in small doses rather than an entire house full of shiplap and barn doors. I want sweet touches, such as this sink, to bring in that airy, open feel without risking our home looking dated 10 years down the road.

These are some of the kitchen trends I'm leaning toward and drawing inspiration from as we plan this space. This article has also been a great source of inspiration. I want it to feel special and unique, not like a replica of something that everyone else is doing. I want it to accurately reflect my tastes and those of my family, as well.

designing and conceptualizing our new kitchen

This is another picture of our current kitchen, and I chose it because it demonstrates the light and open look I want our kitchen to have. While I definitely want ample amount of cabinet space and storage, I also want to incorporate open shelving and simple fixtures. I love the idea of displaying colorful flatware, earthen pottery and milkglass vases on these shelves, as I've done here. I've also seen people frame pictures of their ancestors on such shelves to bring them great cooking vibes!

It isn't pictured here, but I have a great collection of antique Fiesta Ware that my uncles curated for me throughout the years by visiting flea markets and thrift stores. They are chippy, pastel and just perfect. I want to display them behind glass cabinet doors to bring a subtle pop of color to the space!

As we pack up boxes of dishes and silverware, I can't help but feel a tinge of bittersweet sadness over leaving this place. We've lived a sweet season of life here and much of it took place in the kitchen. Yet, I look forward to creating a space in our new home that is equally charming, equally lovely and equally full of love.

Suggested materials:

  • Cabinets  (Hardware Store)
  • Farmhouse Sink  (Inherited)
  • Wooden Shelving and Brackets  (Hardware Store)

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