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How do I choose a paint color for my house?

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Im painting one wall benjiman mooreCaribbean Blue watet I'm having a hard time deciding what to paint the rest of the house it's an open floor plan the kitchen living room is all one here are some pictures of the house and paint sample.

q paint color for my house
q paint color for my house

Caribbean blue water the other color is valspar pool tile

q paint color for my house
q paint color for my house
q paint color for my house

This is the wall I'm painting Caribbean blue water

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  • Dwp7470b
    2 days ago

    For that layout I would go vanilla or cream everywhere and keep any paint and color to Decor. The reason? It's easier to take down a Spring Coordinating Paint by Number painting out of season in the fall than it is to paint for each season 80 times over the next 20 years.

    Have yourself ever coordinated a Christmas Tree with Caribbean Blue?

    Good luck finding Carribean Blue Balls or Lights...

  • Em
    2 days ago

    I have no idea what the above comment means. A bold color like the blue is enough for one wall. Use neutrals like shades of grey and white on adjoining. If it is an open plan you don't want clashing colors on adjoining walls.

    • Em
      3 hours ago

      Nice. Any of the shades on the Sherwin Williams chart would be fine even one step darker. People pick things that don't compliment each other because it was on "pinterest" or whatever. That does not mean that because it is posted it looks good. Some people have no vision for colors that blend well together. I am extremely color sensitive. My house is a burst of colors but colors that go together not just because someone else posted them but are pleasing to the eye. I love that you are going for a bold color in part like the Carribbean blue. Just remember, it is easier to change some of the accent pieces in your house than to repaint walls. You can get more color with foot stools, throws, pillow, curtains etc and make a huge difference.

  • Nice space! Looks like good natural light too. Use the Caribbean blue on the accent wall and the Pool tile on all the rest, with crisp white accents. Me, personally, I am over all the grays other than for an accent here and there. Looks like you have some work ahead of you too, no appliances - they even took the faucet . . . Have fun turning it into a gem.

    • Bbunny42

      That's what my LR-DR walls have been for nearly 14 years and I still love them. This color or white for the walls would be great with the Caribbean Blue. If the cabinets are to be painted white, then put sand on the walls. Otherwise, walls in either sand or white. Beautiful space.

  • I tend to look online for other uses of the color and find palettes I like. Then I mimic the colors used there!

  • LK

    In addition to paint colors, a great piece of patterned wallpaper/material on that half wall would look great. Match it up to the wall colors you chose. If you do use material you can pull all together bt making a few throw pillows.

  • Tracy Floer

    Thea 's idea is the best one! helps you see what really works

  • Diana Deiley

    I love a neutral tone such as Valspar's Oyster Pearl in a satin finish. Its a beautiful light sandy color, not white, not tan, more like beach sand. It will complement all of your other choices yet not overwhelm the areas you choose to paint. Best of luck.

  • Lil

    OMG, use colors that give you joy and make you happy. I loooove colors. No pastel shades for me. Deep red, mustards, denim blues, dark is the limit. That is a beautiful blue. If you like it, use that one. It's your house after all. Do whatever you want and as said above, what makes you happy. We did our master bedroom using Night Watch (2018 color of the year Home Depot) and every time I look at it, I just love it more. Elegant, sophisticated and a little dark. You picked that blue for a reason. Sometimes asking for an opinion makes you doubt yourself and gets things more complicated. Do what you want. Be happy with your choices.

  • Twyla J Boyer

    Many years ago I watched a show that suggested finding a piece of fabric or wallpaper that you love and pulling colors out of it since a designer has already done the work of putting those colors together in a pleasing combination. Whether it is fabric, wallpaper, a piece of pottery, a poster or something else, the idea of using colors from a source really works well. I once did a whole room in the accent colors from a piece of fabric and then reupholstered the seats of my dining chairs in the fabric. It looked great without being overly matchy.

    One caveat - take the inspiration source to the paint shop to match color samples, but then do test swatches of the colors in your own home before painting. I didn't do that in my current home and ended up having to buy white paint to mix into the colored paint because the lights are so much brighter at the paint store than at home that every color I bought was a bit too intense. (And I LOVE color - so too intense for me is seriously intense.)

  • Janet

    It is hard to say without knowing the color of the cabinets and what your furniture style and colors are.

    So with that said, light neutral colors that compliment the blue.

    Get swatches and put them around the blue swatch. You will see the contrasts yourself and choose what suits your taste, as that is what your goal is.

    Keep in mind you will want to live with this for a while unless you like to paint ; )

    Editing as I just saw the charcoal color couch...... place swatches on the couch!!!

  • In my third house and I would definitely go with a neutral. Gray is the rage now but I prefer muted off white. The two colors my family Sherman Williams Medici Ivory and my daughter Sherman Williams Linen. Both have a slight tone that offsets white woodwork Because it is neutral that bright wall takes center stage (which is what I think you are aiming for). But in keeping things neutral you can choose any colors to change your look with pillows, paintings etc as your mood strikes.

    Important thought when the blue gets "old" first paint over it with a light gray flat then put your new color. This will save you painting over this multiple times.

    I myself have one red wall in my entry (open LR and DR) that adds that spark in a confined area.

  • Glenice hanna

    Use the same color only several shades lighter , I love color , why have boring white ? Pick your favorite color and put it EVERYWHERE . It will make you happy , every day when I walk into my house it makes me happy.

  • Amanda

    Cashmere Gray by Sherwin Willams

  • Using a white paint with your blue will tend to brighten the color and increase the impact. A warm, soft beige or off white (not yellowish or greenish or even blueish) would tend to soften the blue and warm the space. It just depends on what look you you want.

  • Elise

    According to p Allen smith if you have windows and a great view paint the walls a dark color your eye goes out to the scenery. We did a mint forest green & it is fantastic. We did 2 window walls in that color & 2 non window walls in a whitish. Love it.

  • When in doubt about colors, take a cue from the colors in your closet. Your clothing is a dead giveaway as to what colors you love and feel comfortable with.

  • Sandy
    21 hours ago

    I love the blue. With the open floor plan, I would do my backsplash in the same color blue. For coordinating colors, white, and a pale pink or coral, to make it "beachy".

  • D bbb
    20 hours ago

    Check out Ben Moore's White Down. Very light slightly beige in my townhouse, not a lot of natural light. My is open concept went with the white down in living room and morning dew in the kitchen. The white down will look perfect with your blue.

  • Dee
    19 hours ago

    I like Sherwin Williams Swiss Coffee. It is a great neutral color that goes with everything.

  • Sheila
    17 hours ago

    yes a lighter tone of creams would look nice. the swiss coffee was good suggestion from Dee. I thot bout using it. Worsted wool is nice too....Sherrington Williams. Pick up samples and do swatches on wall. 😉

  • Debker
    17 hours ago

    Hi, I love the blue, you need to paint the house house in colors you love, I tend not to go with trend, I guess if you are selling you would, but you live there, you want it your colors right? Use the blue for a feature wall, and may a few other little items like a vase or something, and use it in the bathroom or bedrooms. Enjoy your colors in your house!!

    • Sandra Sorg
      17 hours ago

      I plan on using it on one wall trying to figure out what color would go good for the rest of the walls

  • Shore grandmom
    16 hours ago

    I like the suggestion saying to use the color of sand for the other walls after all that's what nature did. Beautiful blue water and sand on the beach, very relaxing and welcoming. I'd stay away from grey, it can be depressing after a while.

  • Ellis
    13 hours ago

    If you go with sand, get a white sand color, like a beautiful tropical beach, not the muddy beige that is often called "sand."

  • Thi29591082
    12 hours ago

    Check out some cool house decorating magazines at barnes and noble and find more inspiration. I love that Caribbean blue. It's awesome to have a bold wall. Definitely keep other walls simply white or a sand color. My favorite thing I did to our living room was made a wall of inspiration. Its framed sayings and canvases. My husband was against a bold colored wall because we have an open floor plan too. My house is mostly tans,rusts and grays. Some people say white isnt warm and welcoming like my rust color. It's all in how you decorate and accessorize. Everyone comes in and sees our inspiration wall and smiles. Add a little wall of inspiration. It will make you smile.

  • Lorraine
    8 hours ago

    Here are some samples I found on Pintrest. Depends on the style you are goin for. Furniture you may already have... I suggest getting on Pintrest and looking up rooms with a similar color to get ideas.

  • I think you need to chose a color pallet first and then decide where and how you want the colors.

  • Midwest Gal
    30 minutes ago

    My first step would be to go to Pinterest and look up that color and kitchens/open floor-see if there is anything you can copy. bold colors are usually best in accents like curtains-chairs-artwork or other things easily replaceable. The room is beautiful and you are seeing it empty-try to think of the paint as a layer to the whole effect the THE WHOLE ROOM. the floor and countertop are beautiful on their own-if you want good advice on color choice go to Maria Killam website -she is a color specialist

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