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How to store wreaths?

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what is a good way to store wreaths and large bows, not the ones used on packages ?

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  • Deanna Nassar
    14 hours ago

    I have my wreathes in a large box, standing on end like books. Don't overcrowd so you can easily remove the one you want or return one for storage.

  • Bows I have in cardboard boxes or plastic tubs so they do not get smashed.

    During the holidays they sell wreath keepers, many buy extra for their other wreaths.

    My girlfriend wraps in old sheets and stores in the attic. Another uses dry cleaner bags and hang in a closet. My house is small, I take my wreaths apart and remake for each season or holiday. Valentine's Day is up now, have the Mardi Gras wreath to put up after I take down V Day and working on Easter now.

  • Edie
    12 hours ago

    Crush some tissue paper and gently stuff in each loop of bow. Attach bow to inside wall of a box with a wire twist tie through the side of the box . I have also attached a large bow to a piece of cardboard and then hung on a small nail high up in back of a closet. I have not tried this with a wreath...but it works well for seasonal silk and dried flowers and should for a wreath too...attach to pants hanger with wire...stems up for flowers, and cover with a plastic bag pinched with the pant clips..hang on closet rod.

  • Vimarhonor
    11 hours ago

    Hello Sarah I personally recommend the circular plastic clamshell type wreath storage boxes. Mine have withstood both relocation moves and the seasonal storage —keeping wreaths neat, clean and protected.

  • Ours are looped over a metal pole in one area and shower curtain pole on brackets in basement. I just lift one side off the metal resting bracket and slide them down the pole.

  • Char
    30 minutes ago

    I have a closet just for my wreaths. I use wire hangers. All I do is slip the wire, pipe cleaner or whatever you have attached to your wreath, over the top of the hanger. Then I hang them on the closet rod.

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