18 DIY Shed Building Plans to Inspire You to Make Your Own Backyard Re

Do you have some space in your back yard for some outdoor storage? Or perhaps you want to create a shed that can act as a stylish retreat? These 18 Hometalkers have had a vision for building a shed and have turned that ambition into a stylish reality.

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DIY Potting Shed With Plenty of Storage Space

Hometalker The Garden Frog needed a garden shed badly, but didn’t have the budget to buy one from a home store. Eventually, she opted to build one with her husband at a

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storage shed

A New DIY Shed Made of the Same Building Materials as a House

This feature-laden DIY potting shed has space for storage, growing, and even a loft for additional storage. Hometalker Nitty Gritty Dirt Man opted to create a

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DIY Shed

A Backyard Retreat Built From the Ground Up

Hometalker Delusions of Ingenuity was not new to shed building, but this latest project had strings attached. The deeds of their latest property stipulated that any

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how to build a shed

Turn the "Man Cave" Concept on its Head With a "She-Shed"

This shed-shop was the brainchild of Angela’s husband, requiring permits and approval from their neighborhood association. Once all the concrete was poured into the four

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she shed

How to Build a Shed Door and Measure it Perfectly

Man caves" have been popular through the years, and now "she-sheds" are becoming all the rage! Christine planned, built, and decorated her very own she-shed ready for the

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how to build a shed door

Turn a Playhouse Into a Practical Garden Shed

Hometalker Pascal Tremblay has documented how to measure, make, and fit your new shed door with ease. If you want a lightweight shed door that’s easy to manoeuver, use

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garden shed

A Historic Shed Designed and Built to Complement a 1920s Craftsman Bungalow

This garden shed was transformed by Dawn Shupick from a kids’ playhouse into a practical space for tinkering. The siding of the old kids’ playhouse was a nasty yellow

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shed designs

A Shed Ramp Makes Transporting Lawn Equipment a Breeze

Hometalker Historic Shed outlines a custom-built potting shed to complement a classic craftsman's bungalow. This new shed is inspired by many elements of the bungalow’s

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building a ramp for a shed

Ever Heard of a Shoffice?

Mark’s garage was too cozy with all his accessories, so a new garden shed was built to house his lawn equipment. Although this Hometalker bailed on building his new

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Shed and Office

Another Home Office Project to Complement a Historic Residence

Working from home has never been as stylish as this "shoffice", designed by Platform 5 Architects. Hometalker, Ricky wanted a home office in his garden and got way more

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office shed

Nautical-Style Backyard Shed for Garden Tool Storage

Historic Shed shone a spotlight on yet another classic home office shed designed to augment a historic residence. This home office shed features charming French doors and

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Style Backyard Tool Shed

Building a Garden Shed Using Reclaimed Fence Lumber

With a need for more storage for garden tools, Michele Pappagallo and her family built a new backyard shed. After clearing a small section of picket fencing to make way

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building a garden shed

Charming Shed Using Shed Building Plans from the Internet

If you want proof that it’s possible to create a DIY shed using shed building plans online, look at Cherry’s cute project. Cherry and her husband opted to create this DIY

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shed building plans

This Shed-Cum-Greenhouse Was Built Using Old Windows

Some Craigslist windows provided the inspiration for Nancy L to create her own shed-cum-greenhouse. After building the base and setting the posts in concrete, this

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greenhouse shed

This Pallet Shed Was Built to Incorporate Plenty of Daylight

Hometalker Adam Holder also recently built a pallet-based shed-cum-playhouse that was 6.5ft x 8ft in size. The base of this pallet playhouse was made from 2x4’s from the

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 Pallet Shed

Backyard Tiki Shed Bar Using Only Repurposed Materials

This Tiki-style shed is a great way to create a backyard bar space to entertain family and friends. Hometalker, Courtney Dunlap built this Tiki-style hut using repurposed

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Tiki Shed Bar

"Salt Box" Style DIY Garden Shed Built from Scratch

This "Salt Box" style potting shed was built from scratch in the summer months as a fun project. This DIY shed first saw the stud walls assembled, going from left to

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s 18 diy shed building plans to inspire you to make your own backyard re, Salt Box Style DIY Garden Shed Built from Scratch

DIY Potting Shed With Plenty of Storage Space

This feature-laden DIY potting shed has space for storage, growing, and even a loft for additional storage. Hometalker Nitty Gritty Dirt Man opted to create a

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DIY Potting She