How to root plants?


gardening season is almost here. When is a good time to take cuttings of Rose of Sharon and forsythia and pussy willow to root? Also what is the best way to clean out vases? Thanks!

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  • Kmdreamer Kmdreamer on Apr 11, 2019

    Just put them in water

  • What zone are you in? Hope you didn't get hit with the latest snowstorm that covered a large part of the country. I am in zone 9 and can garden almost year round, my tomatoes are starting to fruit and my roses are starting to bloom.

    To clean out vases, soak in a vinegar water solution overnight, then rinse and dry.

    Here is how to take cuttings and root plants.

    Use rooting hormone for almost guaranteed results.

  • Darlene Darlene on Apr 11, 2019

    My Rose of Sharon are over 60 years old (taken from my Grandmothers farm). They will have new growth coming from the base of the plant. When the growth gets to be about 6 inches you can transplant it. I love my Rose of Sharon but beware, in the fall, you will get seed pods that, if not removed, will start new plants in your grass which will have to be hand picked out! I've tried many weed killers & nothing works, so, in the fall, I cut back ALL my Rose of Sharons to about 5 feet & reshape. I then pluck all the seed pods off.