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Asked on Apr 12, 2019

How to use tung oil on cherry wood?

Lynn SorrellSharonDebker


I have two large chests of drawers that were finished with tung oil that look like they could use sprucing up. The original finish is about 15 years old. Can I use another thin over the original?


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  • William
    on Apr 12, 2019

    Sure can! Tung oil soaks into the wood grain. Put it on with a cloth in the direction of the grain. let it sit for a few minutes. Wipe off the excess blending in.

  • Debker
    on Apr 12, 2019

    Hi Ginnie, give the entire set a wipe down with a clean damp cloth to remove any dirt or grime, put on rubber gloves and grab a microfiber rag and pour some tung oil on it, rub it in going the same direction as the wood grain. let it dry, use superfine sand paper or steel wool and smooth it, if required apply another coat.

    You apply tung oil just like linseed oil or oil/varnish blend, but you have to sand tung oil after every coat, not just after the first, and it takes five to seven coats, allowingtwo to three days drying time between each, to achieve a smooth, attractive sheen.

  • Sharon
    on Apr 12, 2019

    If its not absorbing, I use 0000 steel wool to work it in with the grain.

  • Lynn Sorrell
    on Apr 13, 2019

    here's video how to-you have to apply multiple coats sanding it in ...

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