Asked on Apr 18, 2019

How to prevent weeds from a flower bed?

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What is the most simple and cost-effective way to prevent weeds in my front flower bed?

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  • Dee
    on Apr 18, 2019

    I just did this over the past weekend., Put down wet newspaper and then cover with 3 inches of mulch. HD and Lowes has it on sale now 5- forty pound bags for $10. I put out 20 bags of the black mulch. It was a lot of work but my beds look wonderful and will not have to be done for at least 2 years.

  • Lynn Sorrell
    on Apr 18, 2019

    wet the soil then hand pull the weeds when they are young easy to get all the roots;spot spray with Round-Up

  • Ohhhdear
    on Apr 19, 2019

    If you’re working with existing flower beds that you don’t want to unplant or disrupt, I would do the following.

    I would take out any existing mulch, saving it on a tarp is you want to reuse it. Pull any weeds leaving no bits to resprout.

    A large container of Preen should be your best friend in this project. It is a pre-emergent granule that keeps unwanted weeds from sprouting. Sprinkle liberally in your flowerbed, avoiding your existing plantings.

    Then get a roll of black landscaping fabric and cut it to fit around your plants, as closely as possible. I use the water-permeable type. Most rolls come with wire stakes; if not, pin down the outer edges with hooped/hooked 6” pieces of cut baling wire or coat hanger wire. Rocks work well, too.

    Add more Preen on top of the fabric, then put weed-free mulch to cover the fabric and surround your plantings.

  • Dort
    on Apr 19, 2019

    Corn meal will kill seeds of weeds that sprout die

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