How do I give my ceramic floor a glossy look?


I have ceramic flooring in my kitchen. The finish has become very dull. Is there something I can apply to give it a glossy look. Floor wax didn't work.

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  • Kelli L. Milligan Kelli L. Milligan on Apr 29, 2019

    Not really, anything else you apply will peel. Kichen tile not really supposed to be shinny. Could be slippery .

  • Cor32419347 Cor32419347 on Apr 29, 2019

    Did you try the paste floor wax? Apply in sections and buff with your buffer to bring out the shine.

  • Hi Sandy,

    I read that you can seal the floor with a gloss sealer. Here is a link to an article that can help you.

  • William William on Apr 30, 2019

    Not really. Anything you put on will wear off in time. Maybe it just needs a good cleaning.

    • Sandy Reed Sandy Reed on Apr 30, 2019

      Thank you William, that's just it, the floor has been scrubbed so much over the years that the sheen is gone.

  • William William on Apr 30, 2019

    The surface of tile are heat glazed. Only way the sheen would be affected is acidic chemicals were used to clean the tile.

    • Sandy Reed Sandy Reed on May 01, 2019

      High traffic use in one of the busiest places (kitchen) in a home causes wear and tear over time.

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