Asked on May 5, 2019

How do I get this hardware out?

Zard PocleebLouiseWilliam


A closet door had 3 bi-fold doors on it and the one in the middle always obscured part of the clothing. When I removed a wall in my kitchen, the pantry doors with only 2 bi-fold doors (but the same overall width of the 3 bi-fold doors) were removed and now I want to put them on the closet that formerly had 3 doors. Here's part of the bottom and top of that door. On the bottom, the square piece of metal with the hole was where the middle door was. I've tried unscrewing the screw but must have mangled it too much or maybe need someone with more strength to work on it. These same pieces of metal are on the top track, too, but that screw easily unscrews. But HOW can I get these out of the track? All I can figure is that I have to remove the track so they'll just slide off, but that's going to be more than I can or want to handle. ALSO, what's the purpose of these gray rubber-ish things? I think maybe a stop of some sort, but if so, where do they go? Seems they'll keep the door from moving properly.

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