Asked on May 24, 2019

How to reupholster?



I have two lovely Louis IV chairs. I’d love to update the fabric to a more modern look. Don’t know how to remove the seats and arm coverings. Suggestions?

q how to reupholster
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  • Megan
    on May 25, 2019

    Gorgeous chairs! I would remove the cording. Remove the fabric and staple in new fabric to the wood. Save the fabric that you have removed and trace on your new fabric. You can use old fabric as a template. :) After new fabric is on you can hot glue new cording over staples. :)

  • Jeanette
    on May 25, 2019

    Love the chairs!

  • Natalie
    on May 28, 2019

    Removing the fabric is the easy part of reupholstering. Use a pair of pliers, a flat head screwdriver or something similar to pull the cording off, and then you can pull the main fabric off. You'll want to keep those pieces of fabric for reference on how to cut the new fabric. Use a staple gun to attach the new fabric in the same way the old fabric was attached.

  • Janet
    on May 29, 2019

    I learned in the same way as posted above. As you remove, take note of how it is attached to the chair. Use old fabric as a pattern to cut new fabric. Put back on the same as you took off. Take pictures of each process to remember.

    I am not a fan of hot glue on chair cording. Legs will rub against it and it will likely peel off. Attach cording the way it was originally attached.

    I, personally, love the fabric and color that is on there now. Those are beautiful and are in style again. If soiled, have them cleaned.

  • Dfm
    on May 29, 2019

    Take photos as you deconstruct the upholstery, and number or name the pieces.

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