Asked on Jun 1, 2019

How do I get my golden retrievers to quit digging holes?

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  • Nancy Turner
    Nancy Turner
    on Jun 1, 2019

    It is in a dogs nature to dig holes, especially if it is a dog who's job originally was to go for underground dwellers. I don't think the golden were, but if they smell an underground dweller, they may just dig there anyway. I have holes that developed into a trough across my back yard from my shih-Shon following the underground path of moles/voles. Those breeds were originally bred to go after mice and underground critters. She scares them up and our chow-chow chases them down and catches them and delivers their bodies to the patio as a trophy to be praised for catching. We also have a Shepard Heinz 57 that loves to dig and nothing stops him, even if you fill the hole with concrete blocks (he pulls them out to keep digging..

  • Kelli L. Milligan
    Kelli L. Milligan
    on Jun 1, 2019

    Surely there is a training video somewhere for that. Search Google and you tube. If all else fails, check it out with a dog trainer. Sometimes all you need is a few sessions.

  • Train your dog. I have had goldens and chances are he or she is bored to tears and not being exercised enough. Many people get puppies because they are cute and adorable, yet fail to train them with even the most basic obedience commands. There are many books you can purchase or borrow from the library. There are oodles of You Tube videos and of course there is Google. "How to train a dog to stop digging." Here are some sites to get you started!

    • Unless you get out there with them, yes, they can be bored, no matter how much space they have. They are looking for direction from YOU, the pack leader. My yard is teeny tiny postage stamp size and I get out there with them to get them to run. I also take them to the beach so they can run, jump and play in the surf. I take them down to the industrial park after everyone goes home and let them run. Get a book on Golden Retrievers so you know what to do and what not to do with them. It all boils down to attention from you and your family members. If no one has the time to play with them, exercise them and give them love, maybe rehoming might be something to consider. They are fantastic with small children too.

  • Gk
    on Jun 1, 2019

    Goldens are GREAT at digging holes! Rocks, tree roots, chipmunks, hiding things! If you have a young golden NEVER leave them outside alone for too long or you are going to find a hole! Play with them outside and then either put them in an outside kennel or bring them in the house!

  • Susie
    on Jun 1, 2019

    they should be getting plenty of exercise. They have 5 acres to run and roam, without being leashed. But.....still dig by house.

  • Zeeshan Pervez
    Zeeshan Pervez
    on Mar 19, 2020

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  • Paige
    on Jun 22, 2020

    You need to train the dog!

    I love my dog so much but it constantly did the things that irked me most. It would chew on things that it shouldn’t or jump up and down out of the blue. Whenever I put on the leash, it would pull on it. Whenever it was out of the house, it would continue digging on the ground - I wish I could tell what it was looking for down there. All the things it did left me feeling depressed as if I failed it monumentally.

    But since I discovered Brain Training for Dogs and applied the system offered, it now behaves the way a beautiful dog I always expect of.

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