What's the best way to enclose part of my open porch?


I need more space for my craft room which is connected to the front porch. I would like to enclose another section of the porch in order to expand my crafting space

q what s the best way to enclose part of my open porch

My existing crafting space.

q what s the best way to enclose part of my open porch

space I would like to enclose.

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  • V Smith V Smith on Jun 01, 2019

    Before you start working on an expansion of the space I suggest you take back some of your present space. Take inventory of your projects and supplies, rethink your storeage, search for solutions that will yield more table top work space.

    When choosing plastic containers try to buy the same size and brand, that will help them stack better. Label everything and try to keep like with like. Large diameter PVC pipe can be cut into 4 inch rounds. Use large adjustable hose clamps to attach them to the wall and you can store your dowels and rods either vertically or horizontally out of the way.

    When the weather is nice set up a table on the porch and work outside, just to give yourself a little change.

    As a confessed fabric hound I ALWAYS have fabric that has not been put where it belongs and I cannot seem to live by the "one-in-one-out" rule so, I understand just how hard it is to take inventory, but you have to start somewhere.

  • William William on Jun 01, 2019

    I agree with V Smith. You need to organize the existing space and make a comfortable work area. Right now it looks like a hodge podge of storage space with no rhyme or reason. You'd be surprise the space you have with organizing.

  • Emily Emily on Jun 01, 2019

    Unfortunately you omitted the one view we need to see to give you advice. We need to see the end that will be enclosed, so we can advise on how to do it. At the least I would suggest trying to repeat how the ceiling on the porch looks but for a wall wherever you need it to be. Also is the side of the porch open now? If so you will need to enclose that too. Unlike the other two responders, I would not worry about getting things organized until you do enclose the porch. Your needs will change with that change. Good luck!

    • Donna Donna on Jun 07, 2019

      I've already started as you can see in the latest photos. Still more to do... window, paint and trimming.

  • Kauai Breeze Kauai Breeze on Jun 02, 2019

    It could easily be enclosed with studded walls and lots of windows. A local handiman could do the job. Check the online sites like Angie's List of others out there for your area. If you need to save money, visit second hand building stores like Habitat for Humanity Thrift stores. They may have several used windows and doors you could use. Don't forget to had electrical outlets put in!

  • John Biermacher John Biermacher on Jun 02, 2019

    Suggestions will be effected by your climate and how many seasons you expect to use the space.

  • William William on Jun 02, 2019

    What about building codes, permits, homeowners insurance.?! May not be allowed by your village hall. The concrete patio may not be thick enough for an enclosure. Homeowners insurance could be cancelled.

  • Dfm Dfm on Jun 02, 2019

    All good points. codes were put in place to protect the common man from shoddy work.

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