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Asked on Jun 1, 2019

How do I deter groundhogs from moving in?

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Strongly discourage groundhogs? My neighbor has a huge one living under his deck. I have seen him in my yard twice and he has eaten my newly planted container gardens! This was last week. This week, there was a baby tapping and scratching on my basement window! I cant afford an exterminator, nor do I want to exterminate, but I'm foreseeing a pest problem in the near future. We dont have a dog, we are cat people, and I read dogs are deterrents. Any thoughts?

q how do i deter groundhogs from moving in
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  • Gk
    on Jun 1, 2019

    You will need to trap the groundhogs and move them to a different area. They build many, many tunnels under the ground and they can be difficult to trap because they probably have more than one entry point into their tunnels. They do like to have entry holes under sheds so it makes it more difficult to try and catch them. You might have to build a little fence around the trap(s) so they are more convinced to go into the trap to eat the bait. They can get very nasty if they have to defend themselves. I would not want my dog chasing or trying to get a groundhog.




  • Oliva
    on Jun 1, 2019

    Plant numerous castor bean plants in the ground and near your potted plants (not in same container, if plants are edible).

    Liberally spray your yard with agricultural grade castor bean oil.

    Some people have had great luck with shooting them. They are very destructive. Don't permit anyone to guilt you about killing groundhogs and leaving their litters parentless. The babies return in later years to have more. They can become very aggressive, posing a danger to you and your household. Their tunnels create the potential for someone to break a leg, should they step into the ground hog hole.

    You may have luck with animal control, if you explain your situation.

  • Missy Matheson
    on Jun 2, 2019

    My neighbors do not seem to care that a HUGE (standing over 3 ft tall on his hind legs!) rodent is living under their deck. They said he has been there for years. Well, we have been here 6 years and this is the first I've ever seen him. Convenient that he shows up when I try to plant vegetables. 🤦‍♀️ He chewed a space in their privacy fence so he does leave their backyard and obviously uses mine as a highway to get back to his den. The baby is new. I have no idea where it came from but it was trying to get in my basement. I didnt know what to do but yell, stomp my feet, and run at it! I scared it so bad but that was the intent! Lol I must have looked like a lunatic!

  • Pam Walker
    on Jun 2, 2019

    CACTI ~ Plant a row of cacti around where you don't want them getting into. Also, a raised bed will help deter them. Build your raised bed about 4 feet high. Plant the cacti around the border of it. Prickly pear would be a good option. It spreads & is easily pruned to the right height by cutting off the newly grown sprouts on top. You could reach over the cacti tending to the plants caring for them. I would advise catch & release for the critters. They havta be transported AT LEAST one mile from your house to ensure them from coming back. If the ground hogs are attracted to the plants, use some baiting the traps with. You're right. Once they get started, it's hard getting rid of the problem. Here's a little insert to educate you a little about them. Hope this helps.

  • Lah
    on Jun 2, 2019

    Try solar sonic inground picks that are forbmoles

  • Heidid64
    on Jun 2, 2019

    Good luck!! A friend of mine has a huge problem with them. They ate the wires to the transmission on his truck!! A couple of thousand$$ to repair. His neighbor had one gnawing on his truck bumper!! Unfortunately, the only way I see to get rid of them is to start filling up the entrance to the tunnels with big rocks then shoot them!!! Sorry, I know it sounds inhumane, but they are so destructive.

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