Asked on Jul 14, 2019

How do I keep rabbits out of my garden?



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  • K. Rupp
    on Jul 14, 2019

    Try liquid fence around the garden! Also try some netting. Home Depot or Lowes for the spray. Works great! Spray every evening or every other. Just don't spray on any food. Good luck!

  • Alexis @ Chemistry Cachet
    on Jul 14, 2019

    We have some great, easy and natural scientific ways to deter rabbits and other animals:

  • DesertRose
    on Jul 14, 2019

    We have used cayenne pepper oil spray on the veggies in the garden or put Irish spring shavings on the ground all around, use generously. A friend of mine does this too but she also puts a small pan off to the side of the yard with kitchen produce scraps to give the rabbits some treats. The same with squirrels only sunflower seeds. They have a snack and do not want to bother with the garden any more.

  • Kmdreamer
    on Jul 16, 2019

    Moth balls but I installed bird netting I got a Home Depot $6.00

  • Donna
    on Jul 20, 2019

    Human hair inside old stockings placed hanging around garden. Get hair from salons. “Smell” of humans nearby will keep them away!

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