Can you suggest a quick dry product to shellac pine stairs?


I've been lamenting for ages over how to make my pine stairs look nice. They had carpet but I removed it. The treads are in fine condition and all I need is something so they're not bare pine. I have cats and therefore need something that won't require me to keep them locked up for two days. By quick-drying, I mean a very few hours. A man who just installed some flooring in two rooms told me there's a quick-drying shellac that will do the trick. Said since I want to keep the color very light, only the shellac is needed and not a stain. BUT his English pronunciation is pretty bad so I'm not sure what he said to use. It sounded a bit like Hellman and I think he said it's in a yellow container. I kept asking, "And this is ok for floors?" and he said yes. I think he said 3 coats would be needed. Any idea what product he's talking about?

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