How do I fix my refrigerator?


My Samsung refrigerator is not cooling in the refrigerator part but it's freezing quite well in the freezer. What could be the problem? Does anybody know

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  • Kelli L. Milligan Kelli L. Milligan on Oct 19, 2019
    You need to see if it's still in warranty. My husband sells appliances and Samsung is one of the lowest for customer satisfaction. I pray for your sake it's still under warranty. If you have to replace stay away from Samsung appliances. So sorry you are having issues. Hope it's an easy fix and cheap fix.
  • Flipturn Flipturn on Oct 19, 2019

    Do you live where there is high humidty?

    Is there any water residue in the bottom crisper drawers, floor, or anywhere else?

    Is the fridge making any unusual noises, such as popping, or growling?

    It could be that there is ice accumulated between the back wall and the coils, and this is throwing the thermostat off.

    If the controls do not reset themselves back to default after unplugging the fridge, then plugging it back in, then I would suggest to unscrew the back interior wall panel and check if there is ice buildup.

  • Elizabeth Elizabeth on Oct 19, 2019

    Shannon - you might still have the book which came with your refrigerator? I always hold onto all of mine --(which I admit to never reading when I first get the new appliances), but which NOW will come in very handy if you skim to the 'troubleshooting' area and see if your problem is mentioned. At the very least there should be a phone number or web address to contact the company or an appliance repair person. You can always go online to Samsung, type in the model number which should be located inside your refrigerator and wend your way through the instructions that way. You might find out it's an easy fix (a blown fuse) or something simple. Have you tried simply pulling it out from the wall and vacuuming thoroughly under and behind? Sometimes plain old dust and cat/dog hair (very prevalent in my house) can get caught up and stop it from working at full capacity. If you can identify the problem properly, there are stores where you can order specific parts, or at least make it less expensive to fix. Fwiw, I have Samsung Washer and dryer--front-loaders which are fantastic and work as well today as when I first got them several years ago.

  • J Brown J Brown on Oct 24, 2019

    Pretty sure all cooling happens in the freezer. When we noticed our side by side refrigerator side was not as cold as it should be I googled the symptom for possible solutions. Found most common were the defrost timer, fan or the thermostat, both pretty cheap and easy to install after watching Youtube videos. Two years later fridge is still working perfectly. do search around for the parts there are big differences depending where you get them. also remember to clean the coils at the bottom .

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