Can you give me ideas for painting the exterior of this house?


I’m about to undertake the decision on Painting colors for my home. I would like a Tudor style but unsure how to accomplish it. Budget always an issue. The side of the house has thin strips of wood ever 12-16” but that seems too busy to me to paint them dark like Tudor. Or even skipping one and so every other. Also, on my front porch I want to open it up and take out two pillars but don’t know how much load barring is for it. Or what to do to accomplish. I’m lost and would love ideas shot my way! Even if it isn’t a Tudor idea paint scheme. Thank w!!!!

q exterior paint like tudor style

Mid day lighting. Seems to hide in the shadows

q exterior paint like tudor style

When we bought it. However, we removed the bushes, the gingerbread rails and planning to till up and replant grass with some landscaping

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