Asked on May 6, 2020

Vanity counter top?

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How to paint or replace a plain white vanity top?

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  • GrandmasHouseDIY
    on May 6, 2020

    Hi Pam, here's how to paint laminate counter tops:

    Or, here's how to paint them out instead if they're granite:

    Good luck!

  • Gk
    on May 6, 2020

    You can buy replacement vanity tops at home improvement stores like Lowes, Menards,etc. They are easy to replace if you have the proper tools to unhook the plumbing and reinstall (or buy new) faucets. Make sure you measure the vanity top on your vanity as well as the vanity itself. Vanity tops do come in different sizes so you want to get the correct one the first time!

  • Dee
    on May 6, 2020

    I found granite tops for both my bathrooms at Habitat for Humanity. They were brand new left over from a housing job. They were half the price of the hardware store.

  • Mogie
    on May 6, 2020

    I followed the instructions here and painted mine. I love it and cost less then $40.

  • Cheryl A
    Cheryl A
    on May 6, 2020

    You can paint the top here is info to help you out.

  • Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom
    Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom
    on May 6, 2020

    Here is how to replace a vanity and faucet:

  • Deb K
    Deb K
    on May 6, 2020

    Hi Pam, I painted my old counter tops and it lasted 12 years! Here's how I did it!

    Lightly sand to rough the counter top up

    Go to your paint store, tell them what you are painting, they will pick the proper paint and primer for you, you can even get the primer tinted for a better coverage

    Once you have sanded, clean with TSP, then rinse and dry thoroughly,

    Apply your primer coat, let it dry according to the instructions

    Once the primer coat is dry, apply your paint coat, I would apply 2 or 3 as it will be stronger and thicker

    Once your coats dry, you can apply a matte clear coat, either by spry or roll on, keep a small container of it under your sink for touch ups, I had my counters like this for 12 years, until I could afford new ones.

    I used a few uncolored glass cutting boards for protection. It held up very well. And only costs you the prices of the materials.

    Good luck!

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    Kathy Gunter Law
    on May 7, 2020

    You can use a kit to paint it. If you want to replace, buy another the same size and you can swap them out. It is probably sealed down with some type of screws underneath and silicone.

  • Morgan McBride
    Morgan McBride
    on May 7, 2020

    Rustoleum sells a countertop painting kit

  • Vimarhonor
    on May 7, 2020

    Hello could you possibly post a photograph to better see your countertop situation and area of concern?

    Having a visual might be helpful to be able to offer the best guidance a help find the best suggestions or potential solution for your problem.

    Would the sponge painted countertop suit your aesthetic? That might be a factor in your choice.

  • The Inspired Workshop
    The Inspired Workshop
    on May 10, 2020

    Hey Pam! I created a bathroom vanity counter with an epoxy pour over plywood, so you could easily do the epoxy over your existing countertop! I LOVE how it turned out, it looks like marble but was only 80 bucks and I have enough left to do another! Epoxy will last much longer than paint and it is super easy to do! I haven't created the post yet to show how to do it, but here's a pic of how it looks! YouTube has many videos on it, just search epoxy pour counters! Hope that helps!

  • Johnavallance82
    on May 11, 2020

    Hello there,

    You could ups stick on tiles - lots available now on line too. or use Contact or tile over it or stencil or paint or decoupage it and then cover with waterproof sealer maybe?

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