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Wondering what to do with used containers?

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I have a stash of plastic and metal containers — think chocolate milk containers from fast food vendors, Arizona tea mixes, large prescription bottles, Crystal Light containers.

I have another stash of charging cables for my Nook, my Kindle, my IPhone 11, my laptop, a hand warmer, and various other electronic charging devices.

i affixed labels to the various containers that hold each cable so I no longer need to go in search of the right charger for the right electronic device. I have one set of contained chargers in my office another in my car.

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  • Great idea about the charging cords. I have a couple Xerox paper sized bins in the garage and save all sorts of cans, jars and bottles until I find a use for them. When I have too many, I post on Nextdoor for crafters and always spoken for in a matter of hours. Below Reindeer party favors from taco sauce bottles and used gift wrap on tin cans for my plethora of coloring pens and pencils.

  • Great idea - storing your could also use them for storing craft supplies.

  • Mogie
    5 days ago

    Cereal or pasta as keeper, great for storing pens, crayons & markers, You could cut a slit in the top and make banks out of some of them., paint them with Unicorn Spit and turn them into vases, put healthy snacks in them, put crayons in them, add a coloring book and take them to the children's wing at your local hospital.

    You can wrap decorative paper around them and use as containers for gifts or fill with cookies, candy or treats as party favors or neighbor gifts. Stack them together in a box laid on its side as tandem garage storage for matchbook cars. Use them for organizing craft supplies like pens, paint brushes, pipe cleaners, scissors etc.

    Fill the container with rolls of doggie poop bags. if you put a small slice on the lid you can individually pull the bags thru the top and store the remainder underneath! Works great.

    Store power cords for cell phones tablets etc

  • Janice
    5 days ago

    Hi Cassidey, there are SO many ways to make use of the containers you asked about. If you do a search on the web or even you'll get so many creative ideas. Here's just one of the multiple links I found. It's great you are asking rather than just throwing the items away! Thanks for that! Once you start trying some of the ideas, you'll think of even more.

  • Peggy Burnette
    5 days ago

    Hi Cassidey, hope this gives you some ideas for using your plastic and metal containers.

    70 Best Repurposed plastic containers images | plastic ... › suerobin61 › repurposed-plastic-c...

    ... on Pinterest. See more ideas about Plastic containers, Recycling, Repurposed. ... Did you ever thought about what you can do with an milk jug? Well, did you ...

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    4 days ago

    I love using these type of containers for these purposes. I also use for earbuds. My grand daughters love playing with these and fill with everything from marbles and candy to cotton we picked yesterday.

  • Redcatcec
    4 days ago

    I use the clear long plastic containers for holding the many, many tubes of chapped lip sealer, so guilty of having too many of these. Probably have at least 25, no one has just 1.

  • GeorgiaBulldogsFan
    3 days ago

    I use different sized plastic containers for separating my art brushes. I separate the brushes I use with oils from the ones I use with acrylics.

  • Our Crystal Light containers are used to keep pens/pencils from getting lost in the junk drawer. Also, they work as portion control when we buy giant bag of Tootsie Rolls from BJs for the pantry. I see a lot of people posted links that have sites showing vertical gardens and these probably would work well for that. You could paint them or wrap them with contact paper to match any decor.

    I guess those little milk jug things could be used for Q-tips in the bathroom or toothpicks in the kitchen but I can't really see much use for them. Maybe as mini bud vase or succulents if painted and/or cut down.

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