How do I make sure the door is safe and secure?


My husband is building a closet and shelf unit on our newly drywalled wall. Between two closets will be a cabinet and shelf unit. For the closets he built two very heavy closet doors. I believe they are too heavy at about 45 pounds apiece. I am afraid they will rip off the drywall. He is thinking of using piano hinges. I believe he needs industrail hinges. What kind of hinges would you suggest he use on 45 pound closet doors to keep everything safely intact.

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  • I would go to the hardware/home improvement store and see what different hinges are rated for in terms of weight. They shouldn't rip off drywall if they are screwed into stud.

  • Mogie Mogie on Apr 05, 2021

    Goggle the different hinges and see what weight limits each has and go from there.

  • Why so heavy for the doors? Are they being framed properly?

  • You can't hang any closet doors off of drywall itself. The doors need to be hung in a frame or to at least be attached to wood studs that are properly secured. Look up how to frame and hang doors online for more guidance otherwise you're going to create too much extra work for yourselves in damage.

    • Marie Marie on Apr 07, 2021

      The doors are closet doors and will be properly installed in a frame, not hung off the drywall. Thank you for looking out.

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Apr 05, 2021

    You will have to frame it first, not directly to the drywall.

    • Marie Marie on Apr 07, 2021

      The doors are closet doors and will be properly installed in a frame, not hung off the drywall. Thank you for looking out.

  • Cheryl A Cheryl A on Apr 05, 2021

    the doors are too heavy to put on drywall it will eventually tear the drywall down - it needs to be framed and the doors put in that way

    • Marie Marie on Apr 07, 2021

      The doors are closet doors and will be properly installed in a frame, not hung off the drywall. Thank you for looking out.

  • Deb K Deb K on Apr 05, 2021

    Hi Marie, here is a description of the types of hinges available, hope it helps you out

    Types of Door Hinges

    One of the first things to figure out when buying new door hinges is the type you need. And there are a lot of different types available, each of which are best suited for certain types of doors and uses. If you’re simply replacing hinges that are worn out, you’ll probably want to stick with the same type the door used before, so identify which category the current ones belong in before you start your search.

    Ball Bearing Hinges

    Ball bearing hinges are one type of mortise hinge, which means they’re designed to be installed sunk into the door and frame in a cutout in each made to fit. They’re a good choice for particularly heavy doors. They have bearings that are permanently lubricated to make opening and closing heavy doors smoother, and ensure the hinges can stand up to frequent use with a heavy door. These are popular for exterior doors that are heavy, particularly for commercial businesses.

    Plain Bearing Hinges

    Plain bearing hinges are another type of mortise hinge. They’re a simple design and a common choice for both residential and commercial doors. A plain bearing hinge features a barrel made of multiple pieces that are held together by a pin. Sometimes the pin is removable to make removing the door easier, sometimes it’s not. Nevertheless, a removable pin is still something to consider as you are browsing your options.

    Butt Hinges

    Butt hinges are a popular type of plain bearing hinge that are good for heavy doors. These are commonly found on interior doors, but also have a use for exterior and commercial doors, too. These are easy to remove when needed and generally have removable pins.

    Spring Hinges

    Spring hinges are a third type of mortise hinge. Featuring a built-in spring within the barrel, this type of hinge is designed to automatically close the door after it has been opened. Because they are designed to self-close, a spring hinge is a great fit for external doors, keep the elements out, and the air conditioning in. These are commonly found on garage doors, since they help keep car fumes from getting into the house.

    Double-action spring hinges work both ways – automatically closing the door whether you open it in or out. They’re more popular for lightweight doors like the ones you’d have for the entrance to a kitchen or dining room.

    Concealed / European Hinges

    European hinges, sometimes called concealed hinges or flush hinges, are mounted on the inside of the door, which means you don’t actually see them from the outside of the door. Primarily used for cabinet doors, this type of hinge provides a clean and modern look.

    Continuous / Piano Hinges

    Piano hinges, sometimes called continuous hinges, run the full length of the door, distributing the full weight of the door along the whole hinge. This is the type of hinge used for piano lids, hence the name. However, it’s also not uncommon to find these used on smaller household items, such as a jewelry box or storage chest.

    For doors, specifically, continuous piano hinges are the top choice for blast doors, commonly used on home safes, bank vaults and bomb shelters. In recent years, this type of hinge has become a popular choice for barn doors and other rustic decor.

    Flush Hinges

    Flush hinges are another common choice for cabinets or other lightweight interior doors. They’re partially hidden on the outside, but not entirely concealed like European hinges. They don’t require a cutout to be installed like mortise hinges; they can be attached to the surface of the door with screws.

    Swing and Sway Hinges

    Swing and Sway hinges are sometimes called café door hinges, because that’s their main use. They’re designed to provide perfect door alignment by using in-out lateral adjustment. They work quietly and make it easy to remove the door when needed.

    Knuckle Hinges

    Knuckle hinges have a small ball bearing in the middle connected to two narrow strips that are attached the door and frame. These are often used for decorative doors since only the knuckle is visible when the door is closed. They can be used for both light and heavy doors.

  • William William on Apr 05, 2021

    Piano hinges won't work. They can't handle the weight. Hinges usually have a weight rating on the packaging. Get hinges that will handle at least 50 to70+ pounds. Exterior door hinges should work since exterior doors are solid and heavy. You cannot hang the doors directly to drywall. They need to be attached to a wood frame. Look at kitchen cabinet doors and see how doors are attached. There is the cabinet case, then the frame attached to the case, and doors attached to the frame. That is how the closets should be built.

    • Marie Marie on Apr 07, 2021

      The doors are closet doors and will be properly installed in a frame, not hung off the drywall. Thank you for looking out. I was thinkinig of exterior hinges as well. Thank you

  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Apr 07, 2021

    Hello. Complements to you —-looking out for your safety and perfect first time installation. I learned something here too!

  • Lifestyles Homes Lifestyles Homes on May 15, 2021

    You will need to use 3, not 2 heavy duty bearing hinges.

    Use longer screws than the ones that may have come with the hinges.

  • Marie Marie on May 17, 2021

    Thank you. As it turned out those doors had too many issues. So new ones were built, they are much lighter and prettier.

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