Wrap a glass vase with cane

Prevent your gorgeous cane scraps from going to waste by wrapping your glass vases with them. Get tutorial here

Use a bookshelf as pantry storage

Add lots of pantry storage space to your kitchen and stay organized with the help of IKEA’s bookcase, utility cart, and small jars. Get tutorial here

Make a standing desk with wood crates

Attach wood crates to a regular table to transform it into a standing desk. Get tutorial here

Create a faux built-in shelving unit

Place stained wooden boards across multiple shelving units to create an industrial-looking unit for your living room. Get tutorial here

Customize the size of your pillow inserts

Modify your pillow inserts to create beautiful throw pillows that fit exactly how you want them to. Get tutorial here

Transform a dresser with stencils

Turn a simple, inexpensive set of drawers into a showpiece for any room using paint and your favorite stencil pattern. Get tutorial here

Add hidden storage to a desk

Corral clutter and create a workspace for your children with a desk with built-in hidden storage space. Get tutorial here

Assemble a stunning desk from a dresser

Put together a gorgeous, functional desk using a small dresser and a hollow core door. Get tutorial here

Convert a dresser into a wine cart

Store your wine in a stylish wine cart that was formerly a simple dresser. Get tutorial here

Turn a dresser into a rustic nightstand

Take a plain dresser and turn it into a rustic farmhouse nightstand with some dark stain and L brackets. Get tutorial here

Add a zen-like design on your coffee table

Give your coffee table some zen-like character with a subtle metallic-brown Mandala stencil right in the middle of it. Get tutorial here

Wrap a chair frame in rattan reeds

Bring a personal touch to your furniture with a Boho rattan makeover. Get tutorial here

Decorate a cheap mat with stamps

Grab a cheap IKEA door mat, and transform it into a one-of-a-kind welcome mat using stamps and ink. Get tutorial here

Assemble a beautiful storage unit

Construct a beautiful storage unit out of two shelving units, complete with plywood shelves and cane-decorated cabinet doors. Get tutorial here

Hang flowy patio curtains

Transform your outdoor space with some lighting and pretty, flowy curtains to add a cozy vibe. Get tutorial here

Build a gorgeous table with storage

Use shelving units to hold up a tabletop for a gorgeous table that has an abundance of storage. Get tutorial here

Give your dresser an apothecary look

Create faux drawer fronts on your dresser drawers, and apply dark brown paint to them to end up with a vintage-looking apothecary cabinet. Get tutorial here

Add counter space with a rolling kitchen island

Place a rolling island in your kitchen to add more stylish counter and storage space. Get tutorial here