Asked on Aug 24, 2016

Can I use contact paper to cover a tiled bathroom?

by Jan10146146
Hi, I'll be renting an apartment in a few weeks that has pink tile around a small area of the wall as you can see in the pics. I was thinking of using contact paper but I'm afraid it may peel due to the steam from the shower.
And yes, I have permission to up-date but I don't want to put to much money in a place that I'm only renting.
PS. The big mirror has to go too. Any ideas?
Sorry about the mess. I took this pic when I first came to see the apartment.
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Aug 24, 2016
    I would not put contact paper on the tile. Rustoleum makes a tub and tile paint.I think that really would be the way to go. It is not that expensive and your bathroom will look a little more updated.
  • William William on Aug 24, 2016
    Do not do anything without written approval from the landlord. Anything you add to the apartment that cannot easily be removed can become part of the apartment. Anything you remove can be costly for you. You could lose you security deposit. Read your lease and it will show what you can and cannot do.
  • Crystal Toland-SaMyn Crystal Toland-SaMyn on Aug 24, 2016
    Yes contact paper is the best to use. Family Dollar, Dollar General places like that. just make sure the tile is clean and dry. I did this and looks great. I have contact paper on an old desk and it looks great
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Aug 24, 2016
    Sorry not in agreement with the contact paper.
  • CK CK on Aug 24, 2016
    I think the idea of Contact paper is great...though I too might be concerned about its adhesion properties in a steamy bathroom. On the other hand, at dollar and discount stores, it's pretty inexpensive. So if you want to go that route, it won't break the budget. If it works--- great! Now about the mirror.... I had a VERY teeny budget for a client. She had the same mirror. I took off the mirror then painted a 'frame' around the area where it goes when it's placed back on the wall. It looked really nice. I used a color that coordinated with the other colors I used in the room. But.....I see there's not much room to do this on yours....So..... See if your landlord will let you adhere self-stick floor tiles, cut to 'frame' width (say about 2-3" wide) adhered to the mirror? There are some that look like marble, wood, etc. When cut to the width you'd like, they may just do the trick ;-) They could always be removed later but my guess is if you do a great job, the next renter will be super grateful! :=)
  • Marcia Marcia on Aug 24, 2016
    Using the idea of hiding something in plain sight as well as intentionality, you can try decorating with the pink in mind, such as black decorative items if you like an Art Deco feel, or sand tones if you like a beachy vibe. At least then the landlord cannot "ding" you for it later.
  • Angela Hungate Angela Hungate on Aug 24, 2016
    Why would you want to cover the 50s pink tile? that is so freakin cool, decorate your bathroom with the 50s look!!!
  • Helen Mays Helen Mays on Aug 25, 2016
    If you put green plants in the bathroom it will make the pink tiles insignificant. Frame the mirror with cheap timber framing n paint it as u wish. Chalk paint maybe with a dark under stain?
  • Mcg4157699 Mcg4157699 on Aug 25, 2016
    Tile over it and use Gorilla glue silicone type, easy , the mirror could have a wood frame around it with any hard wood backing, then you can stick a smaller mirror on it where you like or simply decorate the wood itself.......give it a go..........!
  • Rae Rae on Aug 25, 2016
    I would use wallpaper before ever using contact paper. You might have a mess trying to remove it. But I am with the other gals- Just go with it and use the colors to your advantage
  • Sue Ryan Sue Ryan on Aug 25, 2016
    since you have pink tiles as a baseboard. I would leave it be. work with it. Maybe paint the wals a soft grey and frame the mirror as others have mentioned.
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    • CMMc CMMc on Aug 25, 2016
      Unless there is really good lighting or a window in the bath, that mirror reflect light. Put shelving over the of those space savers that fit or shelves on the open wall to the left . Unless you plan to rent here long term, I'd work with what is there.
  • Sue Ryan Sue Ryan on Aug 25, 2016
    You could also add fabric under the sink to hide bathroom essentials.
  • Sue Ryan Sue Ryan on Aug 25, 2016
    Then if you want to get rid of the pink you could always paint the tiles. Just make sure they are very clean first. I would also advise you to use oil base paint.
  • Alison Alison on Aug 25, 2016
    I've used self adhesive tile stickers in my bathroom (also renting) and it's worked wonders. It's a quick, easy and cheap way to update dated tiles. I've also used it on the side of the bath and it looks great. It's easy to clean as well and if applied correctly it won't peel from steam/water. The best thing is we can remove it with no damage if and when we move!
  • Alison Alison on Aug 25, 2016
    Oh and personally I too would keep the mirror. You may feel it's too big for your bathroom but if you remove it, your bathroom could look really small. You could as others have mentioned frame or decorate the mirror and once the tiles/walls are finished and all of your accessories are added, I'm sure it will look nice and spacious with the mirror there!
  • Niki Hart Niki Hart on Aug 25, 2016
    I think you might look at a home improvement store for molding and just put a frame around the mirror, you can paint the molding any color, and use hot glue to install it on top of the mirror, or hang it like a picture frame over the mirror,
  • Darlenestrenn Darlenestrenn on Aug 25, 2016
    just paint it.
  • CMMc CMMc on Aug 25, 2016
    Frame the mirror and embrace the pink! Retro style!!
  • Pamela chattergoon Pamela chattergoon on Aug 25, 2016
    You can buy special paint for the tile, and put moulding around the mirror
  • Marianne Bickhaus Marianne Bickhaus on Aug 26, 2016
    I think the cracks between the tiles might be a problem with the contact paper. Maybe a fabric with a design or color you prefer could be applied with a layer of ModPodge would work better. Also the soap dish and toothbrush holders could be painted to accentuate the fabric. Good luck! I hope to see pictures of your final product.
  • IFortuna IFortuna on Aug 26, 2016
    I would leave the tile alone. It really looks great. Contact paper would not stay in place and would look cheap. I would accessorize with black molding around the mirror, add a black shower curtain and black toothbrush holder and waste basket and add some nice plants. : )
  • Jen8063107 Jen8063107 on Aug 29, 2016
    I would put a Pretty Fabric Curtain around that sink. You can have storage under the sink then too.
  • Joann Joann on Apr 02, 2018

    Go to Walmart ad find the area that has the shelf liner and contact paper, find the color u like and redo the pick tile and counter top. Also, take the mops and brooms out of their, add pictures on the wall and a flower.

  • Barb Barb on Apr 03, 2018

    They sell peel and stick temporary wall paper in walmart, Home Depot etc that is renter friendly and leaves to tacky behind when taken off and add wood trim around the mirror. Here’s a few photos below📌🌸

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  • Courtney Guyton Wiseman Courtney Guyton Wiseman on Mar 06, 2019

    After n before we contact papered...

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  • Dee Dee on Apr 12, 2021

    I would frame the mirror, using corner blocks so that you only need to make straight cuts on the decorative molding. Lowes and home depot will cut the molding for you if you bring the measurements. You could buy a Giani kit and paint the tiles or Rustoleum also makes a kit. If you prefer you can paint the entire sink area in an epoxy paint. BUT I think the retro pink tiles looks great. I would paint the walls in a coordinating color and decorate around it, but frame the mirror, I would put baskets under the sink or some kind of shelving for storage. You could even go to garage sales and pick up a small dresser to put under the sink. Anyway have fun with it and Incorporate the pink.

  • Deb K Deb K on Feb 19, 2023

    H Jan, you sure can, there are a wide variety of them to choose from as well. This demo is on countertops but you can follow instructions same for the walls.

  • Samanda J Hornick Samanda J Hornick on Jul 17, 2023

    Hello, so i have been redoing a whole old house and learning as i go, first dry the tile, second only peel the contact off as you go, not the whole piece, then you can decorate, like pin stripe, spritz with shiny spray paint, paint it over with polyacrylic at least 3 coats, I'd go 4, or 5 coats, make sure each layer dries and wipe with windex rag right before applying next layer. At the end lightly sand with 2000 sand paper, just to make it smooth, and shiny, then buy stickers and vanity lights and keep the mirror, otherwise no telling what's behind it!!

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Jul 17, 2023

    Peel and stick tiles might be a good option around the sink, remove them when you move out. You could make a frame around the big mirror and stick it on, they have styrofoam trim (paint-able) that is very light at Lowes and Home Depot.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Jul 21, 2023

    Why not use Tile Covers they are great, lots to choose from...

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Nov 23, 2023

    Yes if you cut it to fit each tile! or otherwise use Tile Covers or /transfers.

  • Betsy Betsy on Nov 23, 2023

    Hi Janice: I totally agree with William. Get the agreement signed by both of you and dated. If you paint anything, you may be required to return the area to it's original state. Since you're just renting, I'd learn to live with it - and the mirror. You can add removable stencils to the tiles and mirror, but I wouldn't do anything permanent, even if you do have an agreement. Also, decluttering will help, and you can add some pretty accessories to compliment the pink.