My #30DayFlip Organizing Challenge

Challenge: cleaning up our kitchen island while organizing the items that litter it daily.
My Organizing Challenge is to find a way to clean this messy and unorganized catch all kitchen island. I need to find a way to organize papers, receipts, coupons, and mail.
I love wandering around flea markets, antique shops, and furniture warehouses. So for my birthday we went to Second Chance in Baltimore, Md. We bought this wardrobe/entertainment center that matched our kitchen table.
This too had become a catch all for odds and ends.
I gathered up all of the items on the kitchen island plus I cleaned out a kitchen drawer that held table cloths,
two dining room drawers that held more table cloths, napkins, napkin rings, and place mats.
Here they are in a pile. I wanted to determine how much room I needed for these items and decide how I could organize them. After a lot of thought I wandered around the house to see what I could find to separate these items and be able to see and easily access them.
I grabbed 7 of these from my husbands burn pile (they are heavy cardboard cylinder), 2 empty shoe boxes, fabric that a neighbor gave me, a wooden crate that I found in the garage, and my glue gun that was stuck away because I haven't used it in years.
I covered the shoe boxes with the fabric I was given and glued it to the box to make it more attractive and have a uniform look.
Once one of kitties was done playing in here, I removed the shelves.
Rolled up the table cloths, napkins, and table runners and placed inside of the cylinders. My Aunt in Law gave me the idea of rolling them up when she was telling me how she rolls up clothes for dresser drawers as it takes up less room and doesn't get grease marks in them.
The wooden crate that I used to hold sun glasses, note pads, magazines, and misc. items is on top. There are 3 shoe boxes that I covered then used some tags that I had bought a few years ago for a yard sale to note what is in the boxes. There is a file organizer that I had in my craft room on the middle shelf and I used it to file the papers that were on the island. This wardrobe/entertainment center held everything that I wanted to organize and I still have plenty of room to utilize if I need it later on. I would like to thank The DIY Forum and their for encouraging me to conquer this task. I know this probably seems like a no brainer to do this but it was something that I have procrastinated on for quite some time. Thank you.
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