Turning a Waterfall Vanity Into Two Nightstands

Deer Run Revamps
by Deer Run Revamps
2 Materials
30 Minutes

A client of mine brought me a vanity that needed A LOT of work to refinish for her. Other than the veneer being in rough condition, there was one major problem..it was just too small for adults. I wracked my brain thinking of ways to raise it about 5 inches, yet coming up with no reasonable answers. So we had to go and search for a new vanity and I was left with a piece, that was amazing but just too small, to do as I wish with.

The first step was finding what was holding the whole thing together. We found that there really wasn't much...a few nails and a metal rod with a bolt was really it.

Once we removed that bolt, the rod came right out

From there, it was just a little husband power!

Just needed to pry out 3 nails on each side.

The other side gave him a bit more trouble and a hammer was needed to gently pry it apart.

Next, bang out the protruding nails on each nightstand so no one gets hurt.

And done! You now have 2 nightstands or end tables to refinish in any way that you'd like!

Suggested materials:
  • Man power   (Husband store)
  • Hammer   (Home depot)
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