Cut a Door Organizer for Clever Bedroom Storage Hack

30 Minutes
Is your nightstand overfull of stuff? I mean so packed that it’s hard to find a spare spot for your phone or glasses when you’re ready for bed? Watch the video below to see a brilliant storage hack!

-Over-The-Door Organizer (I got this one off of Amazon)
-Grommet/Eyelet Applicator
-Grommets / Eyelets (2-3)
-Fabric Glue (optional)

I have some nightstands by the bed, but this new hack can store much more and is an easy arm's reach away! You can grab a cheap over-the-door organizer, and with a simple cut down the middle and some grommets and ribbon create a great bedside storage unit.

See the full instructions broken down step-by-step below:
STEP 1: Cut the over-the-door storage unit in half width wise. Watch carefully in the video to make sure you don't cut the bottom of the pocket you are slicing through as you will need it.  If you do you can glue a piece of ribbon around the bottom so that it replaced the bottom of the pocket so that you can still store things inside.
STEP 2: The over-the-door storage unit I bought had grommets on one side so that you could hang it from hooks. Since I cut it in half the other side needed grommets for a future step. Take your grommets or eyelets and the applicator tool and apply them to either side of the top of the unit. Getting the positioning right can be a bit tricky, but take a look at how I do it in the video above
STEP 3: Cut two pieces of ribbon the width of the bed you will be adding storage to plus an extra 12". Feed each of the ribbon pieces through the eyelets/grommets you just added to the one side.
STEP 4: Tie the ribbon in a knot around the grommet so it stays in place.
STEP 5: Place the one side of the unit that you just added ribbons to on one side of the bed and feed the ribbon through to the other side of the mattress underneath. Lift up the mattress and pull the ribbon through to the other side.
STEP 6: Feed the two ribbons through the grommets on the other half of the unit.
STEP 7: Now place this half of the storage partially under the mattress and position it so that it hangs where you wish, just as you did on the other side with the other half. You need to watch this happen in the video to make sure you've got it hanging right, or it could fall apart.
STEP 8: Now tie the ribbons that were fed through the grommets in knots so that it is secured into place.

After about 30 minutes of fidgeting, cutting and tying, you'll have the easiest and neatest bedside storage, perfect for stowing a book, glasses, or a phone. I know the process is sped up in the video, but honestly it barely took more time than that to do this in real time!

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  • Suzanne Suzanne on Jul 21, 2017
    Can you tell us exactly which organizer you purchased? Maybe add a link? Thank you.


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