Jewelry Display

My sister has been invited to display her hand made jewelry in a buyers show this week in Denver ( At the last minute I was asked to make a revolving redeemed pallet wood jewelry display..... This is an important buyers show for her and I am jamming to get this together. It must be done and in her hands by Monday (today is Saturday!). Follow along as I pull my hair out... sheesh...... Sisters!
Ok last night... cut and biscuit joined sides....glue is curing.
Here are the 4 sides after joining. Now I need to join them together to create the basic display. I need to run out and find a turn table base the right size before I assemble these. Debate... Natural, Torched? Light stain?
Here are the horseshow nails that I will use to create the mounts for the ear ring cards and the necklaces. I didn't have time to collect enough old used ones so I needed to go with new....
Ok, decided on light torching and then sand sealer (this pic). I am going to finish satin. I will assemble soon. I am hurrying as fast as I can sis!
Almost completed
really close.... It has a turn table on the bottom so it can be turned just like in a jewelry store display...

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