How do I make extra space for clothes and shoes?

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  • A closet organization system may help, as well as using the space under the bed with low plastic containers. Good luck!

  • Carol Carol on Apr 16, 2019

    Hello Monica,

    I went to Wayfair and found the greatest wall brackets that I have searched over a year for. This bracket has 5 or 6 metal collapsible metal arms with 5 or 6 divits on each arm, each meant to hold hangers for tops or pants or purses even. My pant hangers hold 6 pair of pants. Now you do the math.... That's a lot of pants on one bracket! Each arm can be collapsed to the right or left so they will hang pretty flat on the wall, yet you can easily see what is there. The brackets are around $7.00 each so they are very cost effective and use a much smaller footprint in your closet.

    As far as you shoes, by removing your pants and or tops from your hanging rod and putting them on an empty wall, you can now buy a hanging holder for your shoes! You can also buy an over the door shoe holder. I have several of these I use myself. I also have a hanging canvas shelf in my small closet I keep my purses in.

    Whether your closet is large or small the key is to maximize your storage by organizing everything you can. There are lots of good ideas in internet searches if you Google it. Also if you walk down the isles in Home Depot, Menards and so on and really look at the different storage ideas, containers and hanging brackets then picture your closet space. I also think Ikea is a treasure trove of ideas and goodies!

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Apr 16, 2019

    When I redid my closet, I went through the clothes, first. Don't laugh but, I had over 25 pairs of black pants!