Asked on Apr 05, 2015

I need a closet fix

by Amy
The bar in my closet collapsed with the weight of the clothes! The pole is fine but the ends that hold the pole to the wall are broken! What can I do?
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  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Apr 05, 2015
    @Amy you could attach a wood piece at each end with a deep notch in it to hold a pole, then place either a a long heavy pipe or a sturdier closet pole. Hope this helps, you can also ask them at a home supply store for advice. I have received great advice from home depot in the past.
  • Adrianne C Adrianne C on Apr 06, 2015
    Depends on where the best place is to reattach supports. Could be hanging wire from the ceiling rafter or other board, or find the studs the wall board is attached too. Attaching a solid wood trim board horizontally as a chair rail, attaching it to wall studs is another idea. Best to attach to a solid wooden board though.
  • Amy Amy on Apr 06, 2015
    Our closet did the same thing. Home Depot sells the brackets for this. Easy very cheap fix, under $5.
  • Grouchy Grouchy on Apr 06, 2015
    When you note the problem is at the spot the pole is held to the wall, I'd certainly consider checking out what support INSIDE the wall is--or supposed to be. It may be that the only support was via attaching to drywall only which would hold only a limited amount of weight. You might need to attach a board inside the closet in a manner that it is held by at least several studs inside the wall, then attach the pole to this. The idea is to let the weight of the clothes be held by studs, not sheetrock.
  • Susan E Susan E on Apr 06, 2015
    I agree with grouchy!
  • Carol Carol on Apr 06, 2015
    add a 2x4 depthwise to both sides, making sure you hit a stud with a nail. Then reattach will need to cut the pole down the width of the 2x4 on each side. You will need to use closet pole sockets of course to hold the pole. The socket screws, before, were not hitting anything solid for support. An easy fix.
  • Nancy Nancy on Apr 06, 2015
    It sounds like the pole actually bowed with the weight of the clothes, so you would also need to support the pole in the middle, if it a long pole.
  • Amy Amy on Apr 07, 2015
    depends on how old this pole and sockets are. Mine was in a 45 year old house and the plastic holders broke. Plastic can get brittle with age.
  • Grady Grady on Apr 07, 2015
    I would advise getting a stronger bar. I am surprised that my closet bar hasn't gotten broken. My dogs run around and sometimes run into the walls, and they break stuff, sometimes.