I need to use my clothes closets better to create more closet storage

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  • AJ AJ on Feb 02, 2018
    For the typical (non-walk-in) 4‘ to 8‘ wide bedroom closet: put the upper rod at the highest height you (or the person using it) can comfortably reach with clothing on a hanger. For an 8’ ceiling, split the distance above the upper rod with two shelves—the lower of the two immediately above the upper rod but usually placed slightly less in depth for ease of on/off access by clothes hangers to the rod. The upper shelf can be as deep as appropriate, typically used for seasonal stuff needed less frequently. Then install a lower clothes rod for max hanging clothes space with perpendicular shelves about 6” apart on either side of the closet for shoes, etc. If a second lower rod for hanging clothes is not needed just put in shelves, drawers, or whatever you need.

  • Cindy Cindy on Feb 02, 2018
    Think vertical. All that extra space up by the ceiling can provide more storage for you. At our old house I put bins on a shelf up near the ceiling. I measured the bins first and then installed a shelf wide enough and low enough to accommodate the bins. I used the bins to hold non-seasonal clothing. If I can do it, anybody can do it.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Feb 03, 2018

    • Rubi Bennett Rubi Bennett on Feb 03, 2018
      Thanks Janet. Using storage bins in the upper part of the closets is a great idea!

  • Debbie Debbie on Feb 06, 2018
    I am doing this as we speak, trying not to spend any money. I created a board on Pinterest for all my ideas. I removed the rod and shelf, scrapped popcorn off, I plan to paint and reconfigure adding a shelf close to ceiling, leave at least 12” between. I will be adding shelves on one side of reach in and a double rod, a dresser in Middle with shelf . I’ll post some pics when finished.