How can I organize my small closet?

I live in an apartment and have a closet that is about 3' wide x 8'deep. I use it to store vacuums, carpet cleaner, and as an additional pantry with shelving units. I need a better way to organize and utilize the space. Thanks!
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  • Marge Marge on Jan 09, 2017
    Is there hooks that you can buy to get the vacuum and carpet cleaner off the floor? I have brackets for my brooms in the shape of a ring where you slip the broom in and there is a bracket attached to put onto a wall. Check with a container store or other stores like Target or Home Depot. Also if they are not too heavy, you could put them on shelves or crates and use that space for storage.

    • Nancy Wilson Nancy Wilson on Jan 09, 2017
      Thanks Marge. I have things like the broom, dustpan, etc. on hooks. I also have small shelving for additional pantry space. I am going to remove additional totes that contain a lifetime worth of photos and organize them winter project. That will reduce the footprint somewhat. I really think additional shelving is what I need and possibly some heavy duty hanging capabilities for the vacuum and shampoo machine.

  • Marge Marge on Jan 09, 2017
    Thanks for replying. I wasn't sure what you had tried already. Shelves are great. Either floor ones or hanging ones. I have both around my house. The ones I have found were either yard sale or thrift store purchases. My neighbor has found free items under Craig's List also. With the size of the closet, you definitely have some creative challenges. Good luck.

  • Justme Justme on Jan 10, 2017
    I'd put up a Bunch of 6-8"deep shelves. That will hold most canned and boxed food. You can go deeper at about 6 feet off the floor for bigger items and it won't interfere with the footprint. Or consider adding a 2 foot deep at the end above the vacuum for paper towel and tp storage. You might be surprised how much stuff you can fit in there. Good luck! oh, don't forget baskets to store little stuff.
    That's what I do with baking stuff like sprinkles and cookie cutters.

  • Paulette Paulette on Jan 10, 2017
    We had a closet like that in our last apt. But we weren't smart enough to leave an aisle. This was pre-internet days and we didn't have the great hometalk people. I would put seasonal stuff across the back in LABELED bins. You would have room for a rolling clothes rack on the side. The same apt with this style closet only had one single door closet in the bedroom. Nowhere to put winter coats. Since it is an apt, get one or two steel shelving units and put against long wall. Then you can take with you. They can be disassembled if you don't need at the next place. Good luck.

    • Nancy Wilson Nancy Wilson on Jan 11, 2017
      I've been thinking about those steel shelves and incorporating that with another idea to use baskets or decorated boxes for small item storage. Thanks for the input.