How can I make over my canopy?


Hello Hometalk Team,

In a few weeks I'll be re-decorating my bedroom & I'd like to make a Canopy Liner for my bed like the one in the picture below. I've done a lot of research on my computer to find instructions on making bed IS a 4-poster & has a square/flat canopy frame, all I need is the pattern & instructions on making one of these.

Thank You for your help.

q how can i make over my canopy
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  • Holly Lengner - Lost Mom Holly Lengner - Lost Mom on Jul 01, 2019

    I don't see plans for this exactly, but I'll attach a site with lots of diy canopy ideas with tutorials:

    • M.L. Friel M.L. Friel on Jul 01, 2019

      Thanks for the suggestion...I've browsed that site before...Not What I have in mind! My home is quite Traditional, the bedroom furniture is Colonial, & the room has a large beautiful Oriental Rug.

      I've seen this type of canopy liner in historic homes such as The Vanderbilt Mansion in No. Carolina.

      If You look carefully, The Canopy liner info./pattern I'm seeking is creative, but doubt it'll be "Simple"!

  • K. Rupp K. Rupp on Jul 01, 2019

    Ok...I don't have a tutorial for you to make one but it looks like it would just be piecing each section together with velcro and rods especially if you have a flat wooden frame that goes over your canopy. I just wanted to give you a tip. I used to make victorian pelmet style window treatments back in the early 2000's. The fabric you would use would have to be very stiff and thick to get this look like a thick upholstery fabric or tapestry. Because a wooden cornice is not what you would use. It looks as if it is also doubled on each side. When I was making the pelmets, I had a hard time finding modern fabric that I liked that was thick enough or would give this look. You could use spray starch but that might still not be thick enough. I learned a fun trick that worked really well that I wanted to share. I made a shaped victorian pelmet window treatment like this look using something called BUCKRAM. You will want to look it up. It is the cousin of a fabric called crinoline. Crinoline was the thick fabric that would make those hoop skirts really hard underneath and push them out. Buckram is even thicker almost like a light cardboard but totally made out of fabric and is found in the section of the fabric store with the crinoline. What I did, was take a regular upholstery fabric and spray glue it onto the shaped buckram. It made it very thick to use as a pelmet but not nearly as heavy as a shaped wooden cornice. Then I folded an inch at the top and stapled it to the mounting board. Or you could also velcro. It was such a fun project and I learned so much doing it. Buckram is pretty cheap, you could play with it first with some crap fabric to see if it would work. Good luck!! What an exciting project!

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    • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Jul 01, 2019

      I think you should use Tulle lightweight & you could get alot on outer rods and can be gathered together tightly to join together in center, gather all the tulle in massive bunch tie it together sort of like you would make a pompom/tassel pull thru a metal hoop place pompom onto ceiling placing metal ring up onto ceiling and secure around it with brackets to hold into place then pull the tulle outward to place on rods to form outer edges of canopy you will needs yards and yards and yards of tulle so it's gathered tightly into center pompom & have enuf to cover outer edges and still be nicely gathered it would be like making a massive tassel I've made something like this out of leather for the front of a lrg handbag. I hope this made sense. I have to go for now.let me know if you need further help with what I tried to tell you.