Can you help me make over this guest bedroom?


I’m in need of ideas on this bedroom update. This bedroom gets hot and that is why the odd window coverings. We just installed the AC so I still need good window coverings but it will be able to stay cool. I have curtain rods to hang curtains outside of windows All the bones are good just need to do something bring it all together. Furniture placement really has no other option due to room size. First thing I know to do is to neutralize the block walls. The surfboard is coming off the wall as well. I was contemplating decoupaging the dresser but not sure. This is a guest room but I’d like it to be more “finished”. Please don’t suggest all white as I live in the desert and my house is always dustylove to have ideas to make this look put together and inviting

q looking for ideas to update bedroom
q looking for ideas to update bedroom
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  • Lifestyles Homes Lifestyles Homes on Aug 25, 2019

    I would buy a double curtain rod as long as your bed is wide.

    I would buy a new bedspread and matching curtains and paint the walls a complimenting color.

    Work on balancing the pieces in the room: the furniture & the wall hangings.

  • Kate K Kate K on Aug 25, 2019

    First you need a color scheme. I'd keep it in the teal family. Maybe keep the wall behind the bed the color you have now as an 'accent' wall, then use a lighter color on the other three walls. I'd pick a darker color in the same family to paint the dresser. Or a Red Orange (Complementary color) instead.

    Then I'd pick a bedspread that has a lighter background but a pattern that uses your color scheme. Pick a couple of accent pillows in the red/orange family to contrast your blues and greens to make the bed inviting and the room pop. The current dark bedspread makes the bed look massive and the room smaller. You can even try to find a matching fabric to decoupage on the dresser drawers.

    I'd also try to find some funky storage to diy yourself a pair of nightstand/storage units to replace what you have here to really pull it all together... Maybe a pair of tall, but shallow shelves with a set of trunks or small tables in front? Or even just shelves with lamps and baskets/boxes for storage on the bottom few. With that you could maximize your storage, but make it look purposeful, modern and fun. If you get them tall enough you can add a shelf to connect them above the window. Then you can add a better window treatment by using the shelves as anchors so you don't have to drill into the cinderblock. Then you can curate objects for the shelves rather than trying to add more to the walls.

    Then pick a throw blanket, a poof or stool for the end of the bed and a couple of great lamps/accents here and there.

    And if you have a local flea market, and are handy with a paint brush, and glue you can probably do all of this for a pretty modest budget!

    I've got some photos to kind of give you an idea of what I'm saying.

    • Gwyn Higbee Gwyn Higbee on Aug 25, 2019

      Wow thank you! I’m over the Teal and although my house has red in it I’m not putting red in here. Red is my husbands favorite not mine. But I get the whole complimentary colors. I think the first thing as you say is to find what colors I want. I have a couple of nightstands that I can use here. No tall bookcases as I’m trying to really minimize my life and I want less stuff

      thank you so much, I really appreciate it

  • Kate K Kate K on Aug 25, 2019

    Glad to help, even if its just a little bit!

    Under the bed storage is another really great idea with that bed frame as tall as it is, especially if this is a guest room! That way you can take out some of the furniture but still offer guests space to store things when they visit. You can up-cycle an old dresser by taking out one or two drawers and using them to pull out.

    Oh, and just a tip, whatever colors you choose, when you do paint make sure the ceiling is high gloss, it'll make your room look taller!

  • Jan Clark Jan Clark on Aug 25, 2019

    Pick a theme for this guest room and then go for it! Desert theme would be fine, but really, anything will do. Thermal curtains - Walmart sells them and they actually do a good job without paying $$$. Shelves would be nice, but if you can't mess with your CBS walls, then maybe a standing shelf or even a decorative folding screen that has shelves. The color of the rug and walls fight one another (at least in these pics) so I'd remove the blue and get a few small area rugs that match your theme. Also, you could add baskets or other "thematic storage" containers and place them under the bed - utilizing the space that makes the bed just seem to float. Pillows, a different comforter or maybe even a throw blanket across the foot of the bed will help tie everything together. Mostly, have fun.

  • Linda Vee Linda Vee on Aug 26, 2019

    I would lower the bed to achieve better visual balance in the room. (Cut down the legs?) Then I would use chalk paint to unify the furniture. Windows would look nice with plantation style shutters which would double as a headboard. Let's see...walls a soft light gray, furniture white, shutters white, bedding a shade of blue to go with your rug. I'd try to keep it light and airy.

  • Dee Dee on Aug 26, 2019

    A few things I would do is: Put your rods for your curtains almost to the ceiling and make them the width of the bed. This will make the bed look more cohesive. Hand drapes high on the other window as well. Get Black out drapes to keep the heat out. I have those on all my bedroom windows and it really helps. If you have an IKEA near you they have nice curtains inexpensive.

    I would get a new bed frame from Walmart $39 and lower the bed. It is way too high.

    I would go and look at printed comforters and from there pick the color of the curtains you want. I would also pick the lightest color in the comforter for the walls.

    I would probably paint the walls a light sage green, and find everything to match that. Have fun shopping.

    Oh I would not redo the dresser unless it is all scratched up, cannot tell from picture. What is under that draped piece? I would take that off and arrange whatever is under there.

  • Gwyn Higbee Gwyn Higbee on Aug 26, 2019

    Thanks for the feedback The dresser top needs to be re-done as it has lots of paint chips. The draped piece is just a shelf that I have the contents hidden. I need to pick up some nice baskets to go in their to make it look nicer. A couple of reasons the bed is high is that we have in the past used it for storage of large bins. But now we have more storage and/or less stuff so we don't need that. Also we like having a high bed because we have lots of tall guests.

    This room at one time looked way better but as time went on pieces came and went and then it became a cluster. I'm excited to lighten it up and make it cohesive.

  • Debi53 Debi53 on Aug 26, 2019

    To save words, I'm going to list my suggestions in bullet points:

    --Choose a lovely, airy, printed comforter, not solid. This is your color scheme for the room. Get pillow shams that match or coordinate with your comforter.

    --Choose pillow cases that coordinate with your comforter and at least one decorative pillow. Stand the pillow cases up in back, your shams in front of that, and then your decorative pillow in the center

    --Your room is small, choose a soft, light neutral like pale grey, soft cream, or another pale color in your comforter and paint the entire room including the ceiling this color. This will expand the room. Trust me, while everyone seems to think ceilings have to be white, you will love a painted ceiling.

    --Choose curtains that go floor to ceiling (and behind the bed go slightly wider than the bed

    --Lower or change the bed

    --Leave the dresser unless it is in bad shape

    --Replace the ceiling light with a ceiling fan with lights or just a prettier light fixture

    --If possible, get rid of the curtained area and high shelf. Move the night stand to the other side of the bed. Get a round table or small chest to go on the other side of the bed.

    --Hang a large mirror over the dresser

    --Put tall, but thin lamps on either side of the bed

    --Do a grouping of artwork (you can use command strips) across from the dresser.