How do I clean this mess in my oven?


This was a first.I made a macaroni & cheese casserole in a Pyrex baking dish. When I opened the oven, the Pyrex dish had exploded. I tried to clean up as much as quickly as I could. After the oven cooled I “swept” the glass out. I can’t get the cheese off the bottom of the oven & the oven keeps smoking. I also don’t want to damage the heating element. I tried using lemons,etc... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

q i need help with my oven
q i need help with my oven
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  • AkivaF AkivaF on Mar 07, 2019

    Saw this other post on the site thought it may help. You tried lemons but did you try oranges?  Good luck!

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    • AkivaF AkivaF on Mar 07, 2019

      My pleasure!

  • Oh dear. That happened to me too once. Mine was easier to clean as I used a baking sheet under the glass pan. Vinegar and baking soda will work. If all else fails, EZ Off in the blue can works.

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    • You are so welcome Linda! Happy to help and save you some angst. We have all been there. You will have this mess cleaned up in no time. 🤗

  • Seth Seth on Mar 07, 2019


    You can easily remove the heating element. It is held in by two screws. Behind the plate are two slip on connectors. When you pull those off, make sure they do not slip back into the insulation in the back of the oven by wrapping something around them or taping them. That will make it easier to clean both the bottom and the element. If you need to replace the element, it is easy to do and they are not that expensive. You can try cleaning the element by sprinkling baking soda on it and scrubbing with steel wool.

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    • Linda Linda on Mar 07, 2019

      Thanks so much for your help Seth.

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Mar 07, 2019

    pour some water with a few drops dawn dish soap in it in the bottom of the oven let sit a few hrs wipe it out. repeat if needed but should work just fine lift element up to wipe it out

    • Linda Linda on Mar 08, 2019

      Thank you Lynn. Dawn is great for so many things.

  • Kelly-n-Tony Kelly-n-Tony on Mar 07, 2019

    Wow same thing happened till me! I lifted the heating element up to clean but I know it comes out too. I picked out the chunks of glass and food (cheesy potatoes and ham) with a spoon. Then I scraped the hard stuff with a butter knife. Finally I used the self cleaning oven feature.

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Mar 08, 2019

    Same thing happened to me. I wrote to the head office of Pyrex, and I was compensated $ for the troubles caused by their product. Although this was several years ago, they may take the same standpoint if you were to include photos of the mess which resulted from what might have been a deficiency in one of their products.

    • Linda Linda on Mar 08, 2019

      Yes it sure was a mess. Thank you. It couldn’t hurt to contact Pyrex although I was so shocked since it’s such a good name.

  • Debi53 Debi53 on Mar 08, 2019

    I had a nasty rental oven that I managed to get sparkling clean. Maybe this would work for you. Spray Nine can be purchased at Walmart. It is a miracle worker. I liberally sprayed the oven and left it overnight. It turned everything into a soft goo that I could wipe away with paper towels. I got out all I could and then repeated the overnight process. When all the mess was wiped away, I washed the whole inside with a damp soapy cloth and then wiped down with a damp cloth. If nothing else works for you, maybe Spray Nine will help.

    • Linda Linda on Mar 08, 2019

      Thank you Debi. I never heard of that product but will check at Walmart for it. Thank you.

  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Mar 08, 2019

    You've got great suggestions here, but here are my two cents. You can place a pan of ammonia in a warm oven (after you turn the oven off) and let it sit overnight. The ammonia fumes softens the mess.

  • Lifestyles Homes Lifestyles Homes on Mar 09, 2019

    Yes, remove the heating element and clean it separately. I would soak the the bottom of the oven with vinegar/water solution that includes soap, overnight.

    Then I would use a plastic scraper and a nylon “scrungi”.

  • Dee Dee on Mar 09, 2019

    Purchase some oven cleaner at the $ store. They have a no heat kind. Spray the oven, let sit overnight. Go to the auto store and buy a plastic windshield scraper, it will not hurt your oven and gently scrape off the mess in the morning. After you scrape it off. spray with white vinegar and clean with a microfiber cloth.

    • Linda Linda on Mar 09, 2019

      Thank you Dee. It sounds like a great idea. White vinegar works well for so many things. Everyone at Hometalk has given me such support and fantastic suggestions. Thank you. 😊