Washing cotton crocheted tablecloth

Charlotte F
by Charlotte F
How do I clean a crocheted tablecloth with stains?
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  • Charlotte F Charlotte F on Oct 24, 2014
    Thanks for sending this information on to me. This morning I decided to make a paste of water and OxiClean and rubbed slightly between my fingers. When the tiny little spots were covered as well the larger one, I added more OxiClean and water and soaked all day. I then dumped the table cloth in the washer and washed on delicate and hand wash cycle. It was dried on a very low setting in the dryer until the biggest part of the water was out. The very important tablecloth was clean. I finished drying it by air. This is a crocheted tablecloth my Mom made for me and it is not only beautiful, but I wouldn't take a fortune for it. I do not know what type of stitch she used, but she has done so many different stitches, I cannot keep up. She finally quit crocheting a few years ago, but she is 93 and I guess it is about time.
  • Trent-Tonya Sharp Trent-Tonya Sharp on Oct 26, 2014
    we use the oxiclean on ours and let it soak for a while and it worked