How to clean a stuffed animal that is too big for a washing machine?

Vivian Smith
by Vivian Smith
I have a large white tiger with black stripes. It is in good condition but needs cleaning. How can I clean it? It will not fit into the washer.
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  • Carole Carole on Apr 01, 2015
    Wash it in the bath.
  • Debbie Debbie on Apr 01, 2015
    i would try a spray on carpet cleaner, then a damp sponge over, if its large then putting It in the bath would make it too hard to ring out, and the drying time would be long.
  • Katieb Katieb on Apr 01, 2015
    unstuff it...if it's that big, it will never fully me. after it is washed, restuff it, add more stuffing if it needs it and hand sew closed.
  • Carol Carol on Apr 01, 2015
    Use corn meal. It will remove lots of dust. Vacuum? I would put meal in plastic bag, add animal and shake.
  • Chrys Marco Chrys Marco on Apr 01, 2015
    If it's stiff . . Debbie is right . . use carpet cleaner. If it's "floppy" it will fit into a large front load at a Laundromat. Dry it in their dryer but on the lower heat setting. It will take a while but will come out fluffy and dry.
  • Linda Bennett Linda Bennett on Apr 01, 2015
    Wash it in the tub ,squeeze out what you can and then sit it in the sun on a hot day, we have a lot of those in Florida dries out anything.
  • Linda Bennett Linda Bennett on Apr 01, 2015
    If it's stiff after that maybe rub with a dryer sheet under warm air from a blow dryer.
  • Mama Stowe Mama Stowe on Apr 03, 2015
    If it is a child's toy, I would not recommend using carpet cleaner. Harsh chemicals can leave behind residue. If cleaning only the outside, I highly recommend Shaklee products - they have a line of safe cleaning products. (We must be very careful in our house, due to respiratory sensitivities.) If you are wanting to clean and wet the entire thing, including the stuffing, then I think Katieb is right...if it is very large, it will be difficult to dry completely. You may inadvertantly cause mildew to grow in the stuffing if it is not thoroughly dried all the way through. Unstuffing/washing/restuffing it is a very good idea, and probably the safest from a health standpoint.
  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Nov 15, 2022

    Surface clean only using drop of w/up liquid in warm water. Squeeze sponge to get foam, and use that.