How to clean blood stains off a pillow?

by Lree

Looking for tips on how to get blood stains and odor out of pillows?

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  • Betsy Betsy on Jan 08, 2019

    Hydrogen peroxide is good for removing blood. Just pour it on the stain, full strength, let it foam, use a paper towel to press on the stain and remove it, then do the peroxide thing again. When the stain gets light, you can rub more peroxide into the stain and scrub it with a washcloth. It should come right out. You can get the peroxide from most drug stores and it might be 3% or 9%. Doesn't matter, it will all work. Then wash with your regular wash. Good luck

  • Wash it! But not in hot water as it will set the stain. Do not use the dryer until the stain is gone.

  • Nan W. Nan W. on Jan 08, 2019

    Oxi-Clean!! Soak it in a bucket for 24 hours and rotate the pillow occasionally.

  • I agree with the hydrogen peroxide method on a fairly fresh stain. It may not work so well with an older dried stain though. Then, soak in a mixture of blue Dawn dish soap and water to remove the rest.

  • Joy30150932 Joy30150932 on Apr 18, 2018
    My favorite go to for stains before they are washed is RESOLVE. It will remove almost any stain.