How to remove candle wax on fabric?


Help😩This is candle wax on my fabric covered DR chair. This is not dripped from a lit candle. This candle was in a box of Christmas decorations stored in my shop (cold). I placed the box on the chair and when I removed said box, voila! I cannot understand how it melted from the box onto the chair. But it did. Any idea on how to remove the wax? Thank you in advance!

q how to remove candle wax on fabric
q how to remove candle wax on fabric
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  • Homeroad Homeroad on Jan 11, 2022

    Here are some suggestions I found for you. I am not sure if bleach is an option for your fabric but there are several ideas here

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Jan 11, 2022

    Hi Kari,

    Here are multiple methods of removing candle wax from upholstery:

    From my screen the spots look dark gray/black.

    These stains look more like grease or ink rather than candle wax, is it possible your box came into that from where it sat in storage, check the bottom of your box (if you still have it) for a contaminant.

    Did you have a candle that color in it and was it melted?

    In case it is grease, here are some methods to remove that:

    To prevent future accidents, you might want to consider plastic tubs for storage.

    Best to you.

    • Kari Kari on Jan 11, 2022

      Thank you very much! Definitely a forest green candle I use a Christmas time specifically. I unpacked it so that kind of confirmed it for me. Thank you for the ideas, getting to work on it now!

  • Put it in the freezer and the wax will pop off - scrape any remaining bits with the dull side of a knife. If it stains, dab with Dawn dish soap or Oxiclean. Rinse and run through the washer.

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    • Kari Kari on Jan 11, 2022

      Thank you Ann! Unfortunately I cannot with these. But will keep your suggestions in mind for future reference!😉

  • Betsy Betsy on Jan 11, 2022

    Hi Kari: Been there, had that happen:( What I did, and it worked for me, was to use Tide Ultra Stain Release Liquid and a soft-bristled toothbrush. Let the Tide sit on the spots for about 5 minutes then scrub just the stain. You don't want it to get any bigger:) Then, blot the area with a paper towel and keep on doing this until the stain is gone.

    Good luck

    • Kari Kari on Jan 11, 2022

      I think I’ll need to do this as candle definitely left a stain😩ty!

  • Mogie Mogie on Jan 11, 2022

    This segment of the article will focus on the steps regarding how to get candle wax off upholstery furniture. Yes, it is possible to get the stubborn wax out of the upholstery furniture too. And these are the steps that you would need to follow:

    Step 1: Harden the Wax

    The first step of this process is kind of similar to the process we just described above. You need to harden the wax.

    But unlike a piece of cloth or fabric, it will be impossible to rinse the area with water. So, grab yourself some ice. Put the ice in a bag and keep it on top of the affected area.

    Step 2: Flake the Wax off the Upholstery

    Grab a butter knife to flake off the wax from the area. A dull blade will work like a charm too. Use that to scrape as much of the wax as possible.

    Hardened wax should be easier to work with if you know where to scrape off first. Just do not apply too much force, or else the wax will start breaking.

    And when it starts breaking, it will leave a stubborn stain on the upholstery as you would need to start scraping from that breaking point again.

    Step 3: Place a Paper on Top of the Area

    Now, you need to get yourself a paper bag or paper towel. Gently place them on top of the affected area. If the affected area is large, you can also use newspapers.

    Step 4: Use the Iron

    Once the paper is in place, bring out the iron and plug it inside the power outlet. Then, you need to put the iron on the warm setting. Do not dial the power all the way to the top because that might cause damage to the upholstery fabric.

    After that, iron the paper gently. Ensure that you are not pressing too hard. Change the paper after a while so that the paper can absorb all of the wax properly.

    Step 5: Remove the Remaining Residue

    At this point, most of the wax should be off the surface. But there might be some residue left on the surface. To take it off, you need to use some rubbing alcohol. Use it to blot the area, and the remaining residues should get off the surface.

  • Dee Dee on Jan 11, 2022

    If the garment or table linen is labeled as dry clean only, allow the wax to harden, and then carefully remove with a dull edge. As soon as possible, take the garment to a dry cleaner, and identify the stain. If you opt to use a home dry-cleaning kit, be sure to treat the stain with the provided stain remover before putting the garment in the dryer bag.

    Harden the Wax

    When a drip or splatter happens, if the wax hasn't hardened, place an ice cube on the stain to freeze the wax. Don't put the ice it directly on the fabric. You don't want to try to remove hot wax because, most likely, you'll push it deeper into the fibers of the fabric.

    Then scrape the wax with a dull butter knife

    Treat the stain with tide or Dawn

    Wash with cool water. Let dry and if stain remains wash again.

  • Jassy Jassy on Jan 12, 2022

    I think that Magic Eraser works to you can try that.

  • Annie Annie on Jan 15, 2022

    That may be the coloring from the candle, rather then the wax. I would contact a upholstery cleaning pro. They will be using some kind of steam cleaning.